With a full house waiting, Joe Nichols entertains the crowd with hit after hit inside the recently renovated Emerald Theatre in Mount Clemens, MI while raising money for returning veterans.

As the line of people waiting to get into the Emerald Theatre parades down the sidewalks of downtown Mount Clemens, everyone in attendance for the show knows it is more than just about the music on this evening.  

The title The Vet’s Returning Home Country Concert Series 2017 is all that needs to be said as people come in forces to help raise money for charity for our servicemen and women who are returning home from everywhere all across the globe.  The show is aimed at honoring those who have served and to support the veteran’s in crisis when they return home by providing them the stability, pride and honor they deserve here at home.  The organization also provides a transitional services to veterans so they are able to return to stable lives as continuing members and contributing members of their communities.  All proceeds from the event goes to the Macomb County organization.

Musical entertainment for the evening is provided by local artist and event coordinator Joey Vee along with two national artists Ray Scott and Joe Nichols.

Joey starts off the evening in a respectful fashion, just like all his shows start, with the “Pledge Of Allegiance” as the American Flag was displayed on stage.  At the conclusion of the Pledge, Joey grabs the flag and waves it high over the crowd getting them fired up for an entertaining evening. Joey’s show continues with him and his band playing covers like Garth Brooks’ “Calling Baton Rouge” and Dierks Bentley’s “What Was I Thinking” to originals “Look At What You’ve Done” “Ain’t Doing It” and “The American Heart” from his latest EP American Heart that just released the night before on May 5, 2017.   

Ray Scott takes the stage next with his deep bass contemporary country sound as he continues to keep the crowd dancing at their seats and in the isle-ways.  Singing songs from past albums, Ray seems too excited and introduces new music from his next album Guitars For Sale that is being released on June 9th.  Some of the songs performed off the new album includes “The Fire,” “Soberin’ Up” and his current single “Livin’ This Way.” While everyone in the Emerald Theatre is having fun, the story telling song writer adds fuel to the crowd’s energy with the single “Drinkin’ Beer” that landed him a #1 Hit and Song Of The Year Award in the UK.  

With the crowd properly prepped, Joe Nichols comes to the stage with the crowd on their feet as he opens up by asking “What’s A Guy Gotta Do.” For the show on this evening, all he needs to do is stand up there and sing to his audience like they want him to.  

For the next 90 minutes, singing is what he does.  With a musical library that consists of nine studio albums with 21 singles and five #1 hit songs, it is pretty much a guarantee the fans will have a fun night with Joe’s selections of songs added to the setlist.  He sings songs from the beginning of his career with a tidbit of a song from 2003  “She Only Smokes When She Drinks” to blending right in with Keith Whitley’s “When You Say Nothing At All” all the way through the years to his “Hard To Be Cool” in 2014.

With his love for the pre-Bro country contemporary sound, Joe has a love for the sounds of a pedal steel guitar which he highlights in the George Strait cover “Unwound.” As Joe mentions, he has tried to get into the new country rap sound but has had a hard time getting his mouth to move that fast as he demonstrates with the Sir Mix-a-Lot cover of “Baby Got Back.”

Spending time on the floor between the stage and a front barrier, Joe travels back and forth singing to the people in the first few rows trying to give them the ultimate fan experience.

Before Joe calls it a night on stage, he wraps up his set by covering all his five #1 singles: “Brokenheartsville,” “Yeah,” “Gimmie That Girl,” “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” and “Sunny And 75.”

Although the evening’s focus was meant to raise money for returning veterans, those in attendance received an added bonus with three great musical acts.  

To follow up on the event or if you would like to donate to the Vet’s Returning Home organization, or any of the artists that performed on stage, click on a link below.

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Ray Scott
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Emerald Theatre
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Event Date: 05-MAY-2017

Joe Nichols setlist:

  1. What’s A Guy Gotta Do     2. Tall Boys     3. Hard To Be Cool     4. The Impossible     5. Size Matters (Someday)     6. Girl In A Song     7. Baby Got Back     8. Unwound     9. The Way I Am     10. She Only Smokes When She Drinks/When You Say Nothing At All     11. Runnin’ Down A Dream     12. The Shape I’m In     13. Rowdy Friends     14. Brokenheartsville     15. Yeah     16. Gimmie That Girl      Encore – 17. Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off     18. Sunny And 75 

Ray Scott setlist:

  1. Gone Either Way     2. Ain’t Gonna Be U     3. Dirty Shirt     4. Makin’ My Way     5. Drinkin’ Beer     6. Lawman     7. The Fire     8. Ain’t Always Thirsty     9. Livin’ This Way     10. Soberin’ Up     11. Those Jeans     12. My Kinda Music

Joey Vee setlist:

  1. Pledge Of Allegiance     2. Because Of The Brave     3. Don’t Hold Your Breath     4. We Went     5. It’s A Friday Thing     6. Nobody To Blame     7. California     8. Wagon Wheel     9. Callin’ Baton Rouge     10. Hold On     11. What Was I Thinking     12. Ain’t Doing It     13. Folsom Prison     14. Look At What You’ve Done     15. The American Heart