The B45’s are a mix of 60’s beat music and rock and roll full of spunk and talent.

Ben Tarr (guitar and vocals), Colin Taylor (bass and vocals), Kellen Baker (lead guitar and vocals), Sam Clay (drums) are the B45s. They sport three-part Beatlesque harmonies and great originals. All are parts of other bands who came together to play a one-time gig at a retirement home. That one gig made them realize they had chemistry. Three-fourths of the band met in a jazz program at the local community schools, and all were participants in the Rock Camp program at Sweetwater Sound. They are all still in school with Baker being a mere 12 years old.

Close your eyes and you would have no idea these guys are so young. They mix covers of Elvis, Cheap Trick, and The Beatles with their own originals. Their large repertoire of original material is amazingly complex and well done. These boys are natural songwriters and have an ability to pen songs that belong in the 60s and yet have a new spin. They are well versed musicians and have a warm, full sound. The band had both young and old smiling, not so much at the novelty, but at the amazing talent on display.

Kellen, the 12-year old lead guitarist, appears to have channeled George Harrison and Scotty Moore with his mastery of the instrument and at times displayed the verve and flair of Rick Nielson. Lead singer and guitarist Ben has a Lennonesque wit about him as he engages in playful banter with the audience. Bassist Colin is a natural on his instrument. He also sings lead on a few songs and also has a great rapport with his fans. As the son of a well-loved local musician, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As should be expected, drummer Sam is steady in his approach. A solid beat can make a band, as an unsteady showman percussionist can break one and Sam definitely hits the mark.

From their first gig at the Brass Rail in September to opening for Florida’s rising young blues star, Selwyn Birchwood, the boys have caused a buzz gaining quite a following in town. The dining room and bar at The Phoenix was packed to capacity, with standing room only. The crowd was very receptive to their sound, erupting in applause after each song. With drive and talent, these boys have a bright future ahead of them!

The B45s
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