Surfacing from the dark and wet streets of Portland, Oregon, in 2010, Cody Perez and Amerakin Overdose rose from the rain-filled gutters to fill a void in the local music scene.

Cody Perez, lead vocalist for Amerakin Overdose, gives us a hint of what goes on behind that mask of his. Let’s peel back the skin, and see what he has to say and what he’s all about!

NRR: What are Five things everyone should know about your band Amerakin Overdose?
Cody Perez: We are not on a label. We are a band by the people for the people. What I mean by that is that this band is funded solely by ourselves and the friends, fans and family who support what we do and go to shows and buy merch and share our music, videos, and posts. So we need you the people to continue to support us and share us with all of your friends and family! We are not a band; we are a culture and a way of life.
Though people will compare us to any and every masked and or makeup band in the world based off our image, you should listen to the music and see for yourself that though we are influenced by bands from many genres, we do have our own unique sound.
We don’t care how much you hate us for our music, our look or us as people or any stupid reason you can come up with, we are not going away anytime soon. We will continue to be in your face and shoving music and media down the throats of the world.
We are a party band but we take what we do very seriously, and we are working professionals. There is no party like an AOD party cuz an AOD party don’t stop! Come to our shows because it will not be a show you forget.

We will never turn down a fan for a picture or a signature nor will we ever charge for those things. We love interacting with the people who made us and continue to make us grow and expand.
NRR: What are some of the most essential metal albums that have influenced Amerakin Overdose and that everyone should have in their possession? Give a reason for each one you pick.
Cody Perez: It’s hard to pick music everyone must own, but I am going to start at a certain age of when I first was getting into music and picking what I liked as a pre-teen. So here goes in no particular order:
Korn — Self titled album. This album was a whole new sound for me. It was one of the very first bands I heard when I getting to the age of picking my own music that I liked. I love the aggression and melodic whispers Jonathan Davis did.
Marilyn Manson — Antichrist Superstar. This album was very sinister and controversial when it came out. For how dark and evil this album sounds it’s very catchy. They did a great job of every time I hear this album I hear something new in the back round. 20 years after its release and this album is still very heavy and very dark. This album was forbidden for me to listen to by my mom as a preteen, so of course I went and got it on my own and had to listen to it. There is nothing cheesy about this album.
Slipknot — Self titled album. This album is so raw. You can not only hear it, but you feel it. It is so in your face and full of energy. The fact they came from the middle of nowhere and reached the success they did with their hard work is inspiring enough but then to be able to play really heavy aggressive music with very aggressive vocals and still be played on the radio.
Pantera — Cowboys From Hell. Though this is not my favorite Pantera album, its still really bad ass. What I love most is they went in the complete opposite direction that music was going at the time of its release and it was a huge success for them. They showed you don’t have to fall the path of what is “cool to do” and make something that is revolutionary and inspired so many of the great bands after.
Rob Zombie — Hellbilly Delux. This album was heavy and so groovy and electronic. Once I heard “Dragula,” I had to [listen] to the rest of the album and every song hooked me. When I saw the music video, I was in a total trance.
Honorable mentions: Rammstein — Sehnsucht and Nine Inch Nails — The Downward Spiral.
NRR: Which Amerakin Overdose song gets you in the mood and makes you feel like punching concrete and eating broken glass?
Cody Perez: It depends on when you ask me. Currently, the Amerakin Overdose song that makes me go crazy is “Sober Eyes” on our new album. The reason is if you listen to the lyrics its a very self-destructive and very moody song. It’s both aggressive and melodic.
NRR: What have been some of your best Amerakin Overdose moments so far?
Cody Perez: Having the band around for the last six+ years, we have shared many great moments. To name, a few would be playing the PDX Rockfest. Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, Chevelle, and many other great bands were on that bill. It was our first time playing a big festival like that, and the crowd was insane. Opening up for many of the bands we have looked up to over the past few years has been unbelievable.
Our first album first sale was in Germany. Being able to have fans worldwide that are really into our band that are in places that we have never been to before. [We are] going on tour with Mushroomhead for the whole month of October 2015. The GoFundMe where fans contributed to nearly $4,000 to help us finish the album.
Going to New York this past September to do interviews with many media sources including Fuse TV, LatiNation TV, Artisan, etc. Too many moments to really answer this question, to be honest.
NRR: What are some great things about being in a band in Portland, Oregon? And if any, what is one shitty thing about being in a band in Portland, Oregon?
Cody Perez: One of the great things is there really isn’t any ONE band that has really blown up in our genre of music. I think that drives us along with the other bands out here to really push ourselves and work hard to be ‘that’ band that gets to do it.
There is a lot of support from people out here in Portland, even if people don’t like what you do, people still do their best to support. You can hand out fliers, or demo CDs outside of shows, and people will actually take them unlike in places like [Los Angeles] or Las Vegas where people are so used to that they won’t take anything from you. As you may know, bands like strippers and beer, and Portland is known for both of those things (ha ha).
One thing that sucks for Portland is that we don’t have a real rock station like we did with KUFO, so a lot of bands just skip right over playing Oregon. There are some stations that play some rock, but since KUFO left Oregon it seems there was a major decline in shows and attendance at the big bands that come through town.
NRR: What are some things you want to accomplish as a person and also as a band member every day when you wake up?
Cody Perez: Some of the things I would like to accomplish is for the band to be the full-time job for myself and the rest of the guys in the band. We’d like to be able to quit our day jobs and fully focus on Amerakin Overdose as being our career and touring the world and worrying about writing and recording music without the limitation of time because of work.
After that, I would love to start my own label and help out the hard working bands and get them exposure and help make their dreams come true. My short term goal I have every day is to continue to spread the word about Amerakin Overdose I do this by a few tactics I use on social media to make sure a couple of hundred new people at the very least see the name. It’s literally the first thing I do when I first wake up and right before I go to bed is get on my social media and push the band on other people that are not aware of us.
NRR: What’s next on the horizon for Amerakin Overdose? What can all your fans expect in 2017?
Cody Perez: What is next for Amerakin Overdose is hopefully some big shows in other states, maybe some festivals. We are already planning what we are going to do with the next album and have some songs for it. We are going to write, and you could potentially hear some new music from us in 2017 and possibly releases. We will continue to make music videos. We will be limiting the [number] of shows we play in Portland because we do not want to over-saturate the scene. The album is brand new so we will continue to push that as much as we can through 2017.
NRR: And last but not least, for someone that was born yesterday, what is The Great Amerakin Dream and where can it be found?
Cody Perez: “The Great Amerakin Dream…” Is our brand new album that we just released on Sept 30, 2016. It’s 13 tracks that will take you through a journey of emotions. It’s a perfect blend of aggression and melody. Our album can be found everywhere from iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Amazon, CDBaby, Google Music but the best place currently is on Bandcamp.


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