The Welch Boys brought the 617 Boston punk and hardcore scene together once again to raise some pints while raising money for the Pine Street Inn.

The Welch Boys 6th Annual Pine Street Inn Benefit Show raised $3,000 for the Pine Street Inn in the name of the Ron Holbrook Memorial Fund on November 15, 2014, at Great Scott in Boston, MA. Ron Holbrook was the original of The Welch Boys who passed away on August 18, 2007.

The Blue Bloods took the stage supporting their latest record, Non-Rhotic, released October 14, 2014. The Blue Bloods are a high-energy Boston street punk band, which released their first album in 1999. The Blue Bloods played a mix of old and new songs including, “On Your Own,” “Burning Bridges Light The Way,” “#5,” “Deaf, Dumb & Blind,” “If It Bleeds It Leads,” “Better In Silence,” “Drawn and Quartered,” and “Left Out In The Cold.”

The Welch Boys are a five-piece Boston street punk band featuring ex-members of The Blue Bloods (TJ Welch) and Slapshot (Ed Lalli). The Welch Boys write short and aggressive songs with melodic gang backup vocals and crunchy guitars. Their set included, “Bring Back The Fight,” “Flesheater,” “Head In The Sand,” “I Fell Like Drinkin,” and “Police Dog.” They closed with their Boston anthem, “617,” which brought some of the audience on stage to sing backup, and “Les Paul.”

Dot Rats are a Boston hardcore band featuring Tony and Doherty on vocals, Roadblock on drums, Meaney on guitar, and Donut on bass. “Dot Rats” refers to neighborhood kids (Rats) from the Dorchester (Dot) section of Boston.

Their brutal sets get Doherty worked up to the point of stage diving and climbing scaffolding which has resulted in injuries and operations on his elbow and knee. He may need additional surgeries after the mayhem that ensued the night of this show.

The Dot Rats anthem, “We Hate Us,” is written about how the street kids of Dorchester are hated by the gentrified sections of Boston and College kids alike, but no one hates the Dot Rats more than the Dot Rats themselves.

The Dot Rats closed out the night with a set that included, “Intro/Triple Decka,” “Just Won’t Die,” “Diplomacy Has Failed,” “Alcohol (Gang Green),” “Run This Town,” “DOT RATS Theme Song,” “Brother’s Keeper,” and, “Bro Hymn (Pennywise).”

The show opened up with some of the best known punk and hardcore bands in Boston featuring Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One, Tin Can Hooley, The Warning Shots, and The Beantown Boozehounds.

Unfortunately, I missed the opening acts because I played guitar with The Struggle at The Christopher Hutcheon Forever Fund Benefit Show at Simon’s 677 in Providence, RI earlier that night.

Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One is a project from former front-man and guitarist from Darkbuster. Lenny, from Boston, recently joined as a rhythm guitarist of The Street Dogs. Lenny is supporting his latest LP, “Illuminator,” released June 2013. Lenny’s set included, “Happily,” “Hooligans,” “The Bricklayer’s Story,” “Johnny Come Lately,” and Lenny’s newest song, “Bruiser.”

Tin Can Hooley is a Boston cèilidh band playing Gaelic jigs and folk songs. Tin Can Hooley  covers traditional Scottish and Irish music, including The Pogues, with a mix of piano, accordion, snare and bass, fiddle, guitar, bousouki, tin whistle, blues harp, and the occasional bag pipes.

The Warning Shots are a Boston punk band fronted by ex Ducky Boys frontman Mark Lind. The Warning Shots are supporting their EP, “Six To Midnight,” released November 2013. Their set included, “No Holidays,” “Gotta Get Away,” “Pretty Girls,” “Brad Logan,” “It Took A While,” and, “Terminally Insane.”

The Beantown Boozehounds are a Boston party band of “Drunk Rock Hooligans” that studied at the “University of Drinking”. The Beantown Boozehounds formed in 2007 and released their LP, “Pour Another Round,” in 2009. Their set included, “On The Road,” “Everyday,” “Runnin’ Riot,” “Goin’ Down The Bar,” “The Gambler,” and, “DUI.” The set ended in true rock fashion with Chad Beantown smashing his mandolin into an unrecognizable pile of wood resembling a shipwreck.

Thanks again to TJ Welch and The Welch Boys for continuing the tradition of getting a great line up of bands to raise money in honor of Ron Holbrook for the homeless and people in need at the Pine Street Inn in Boston and especially to the fans that come out to support year after year.

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