Colter Wall captivates a standing room only audience at the historic Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA.

At the ripe age of 22, Colter Wall has already put a lot of miles on his well-worn boots. Having just released his first full length self-titled “Colter Wall” album earlier this year produced by Nashville heavy hitting producer Dave Cobb, the young troubadour has been a busy man. And on Thursday night Colter made his way out west to play the legendary Hollywood musical hotspot the Hotel Cafe with fellow crooner Ian Noe in support.

From the very first step inside the intimate listening room, the place is buzzing with anticipation. Ian Noe quietly takes the dim lit stage and the Dylan-esque singer/ songwriter proceeds in pouring his soul out to an already standing room only audience with only his voice and an acoustic guitar. His songs tell deeply personal stories. One song in particular “Methhead” is a crowd favorite. His voice resonates with anger and pain as he tells the story of a “desperate, fuckin’ methhead”. 

By the time Colter takes the stage the room is well past capacity with anxious fans, ranging anywhere from Southern California cowboy types to Hollywood producer types. Even legendary Kiss rocker Gene Simmons has come out tonight to see what Colter has in store.

When Colter finally takes his place on the stage and gives the audience his boyish nod, he’s greeted with an overwhelming welcome. And he doesn’t disappoint, starting off with a cover of the Woody Guthrie classic, “Do Re Mi”. Next up is the fateful diddy “Codeine Dream”. His deep baritone voice carries a beautifully scarred weight to it that you usually only find with someone three times his age. His lyrics carry an equal amount of an understanding of pain and loss.

Colter rambles through a Townes Van Sant cover “White Freight Liner Blues” and the reminiscent tale “Big Dave” until he gets to a huge crowd favorite “Kate McCannon”. The audience joins right in as Colter bellows out the seething lyrics “I put three rounds into Kate McCannon”. 

By this time the Colter has the room feeling like we’re all sitting around a campfire as our group leader sings songs and tells stories of his life. The room echoes with “kickin’ hipsters’ ass and raisin’ hell” as he plays a drunken version of Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother”. Boots stomp in unison with the beat as the night ends with a dripping version of “Sleeping On the Blacktop”. 

Colter Wall has already been compared to the likes of Waylon, Cash, Guthrie, and Van Zandt. Big boots to fill for such a young performer. One thing is for certain, he surely has the tools to continue carving out his own niche as an artist..wherever that journey takes him. It will be one helluva ride. And one that I definitely will be taking.

Colter has a heavy touring schedule so be sure and catch him when he comes to your area. For upcoming show dates click on the link below:

Colter Wall
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Ian Noe

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Event Date: 05-10-2017

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