It’s time to get weird. Sunflower Dead isn’t just a band. They’re a mind blowing mutli-platform experience that will destroy your meager reality.

Michael Del Pizzo (vocals, accordion, piano), Jaboo (lead guitar), Jamie Teissiere (guitar), Leighton “Lats” Kearns (bass), and Jimmy Schultz (drums) make up this little rock/alternative band, Sunflower Dead, that formed in 2012 and just happen to be from Long Beach, CA. With a new single, “Dance With Death” already out, the guys are gearing up for a full album drop and a supporting tour to go along with it.

Michael took a few minutes out of his day to sit down with us to discuss the band and a few other topics with a unique viewpoint. “The band is a rebirth of sorts. Three-fifths of the band rise from the ashes of former nationally recognized touring acts DROID and Two Hit Creeper. They are rounded out by additional band members who have toured internationally with Buckethead, In This Moment, and Memento. Their former bands have earned national recognition by touring alongside Korn…” We’ll just let a part of the band’s bio be a pretty good hint at what might be touched on in the interview.

Sunflower Dead – Dance With Death (Lyric Video)

Give it a listen and let us know what you little Evil Seeds thought about it. Oh, and by the way, we need help guessing who the horror movie director that is helping with Michael’s graphic novel. It isn’t Zombie or Craven, so get to thinking and help us get a jump on the details.

Sunflower Dead
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