Within Temptation lead vocalist Sharon den Adel unveils the first full-length album with her new solo project.

My Indigo is the product of the beautiful and raw result of two years of retreat, healing and exploration during a break from the extensive world touring schedule of Dutch symphonic metal outfit Within Temptation.

With this, the debut My Indigo release den Adel has truly pushed her creative boundaries, after all, what is the point in standing still. The end result of this creative phase for Sharon den Adel is nothing short of spectacular.

When an artist changes their musical direction, it’s not unusual for fans to be apprehensive or to resist the transition. However, with My Indigo it’s not so much of a drastic change as one might imagine, the sound on the album is more of a continuation or evolution of the symphonic sound which den Adel has perfected with Within Temptation.

The euphoric title track itself perfectly opens the album and sets the tone for the rest of the record. From there we go to “Crash and Burn” which is full of catchy hooks and infused with operatic arias as well as the occasional trumpet solo. On the other hand, “Black Velvet Sun” is layered with a flowing rhythm and ethereal fiddle playing which are all so eloquently wrapped together by den Adel’s passionate vocals.

There is somewhat of a delicate balance on the record. For example “Indian Summer” has a contemporary, radio-friendly sound to it whereas the slowly burning, heartfelt and somewhat catchy “Out Of The Darkness” could just as easily crossover into Within Temptation’s set without too much reworking.

Having heard Within Temptation’s take on Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”, there are moments within “Star” which takes the song in a similar direction. Again, there are points within the latter stages of My Indigo’s beautiful composition “Safe and Sound” which are reminiscent of Within Temptation’s “Paradise (What About Us)”. Each of the aforementioned tracks are standout songs on the album.

Although lyrically the songs may be more on the personal side, Sharon’s beautiful and captivating voice prevails throughout the album. Much like your typical Within Temptation number den Adel is often accompanied by atmospheric rhythms, orchestral elements or heavy synth patterns, so no change there. However, the fundamental difference being the introduction of more electronic beats and the lack of the heavy guitar riffs. The beauty of My Indigo is that it has a broader appeal, that will please both mainstream music fans and Within Temptation die-hards alike.

The eponymous debut album by My Indigo is out now via MVKA.

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