A large crowd of fans anxiously await the show to kick off inside the Moorish-themed venue in uptown Chicago.

Islander opens the night with a short set that seems to appease the fans who arrived early enough to catch them. This appearance is the first night of the tour for them, and their stage show dialed in. Their set is tight, and the band makes the most of the limited space the opening slot allocates them on stage. Islander recently unveiled a new song just ahead of the tour, titled “Wake Up,” which has gathered critical acclaim from the music industry.

Suicide Silence plays a short, yet intense set, with two or three favorite songs from each album synched to a statically lit stage. The band starts out with “You Only Live Once” and progresses into their latest single, “You Can’t Stop Me.” They end with their all time fan favorite, “No Pity for a Coward.”

Vocalist Eddie Hermida joined the band in late 2013 after Mitch Lucker passed away. For many Suicide Silence fans, this is their first time to experience the former All Shall Perish frontman with the group. Fortunately, none are disappointed Hermida’s performance; the vocalist dished out a powerful and energetic show. It’s clear to see why this group is a force within the genre and considered by many to be the best of the deathcore bands.

Korn took the stage to play their first album in entirety around 10pm. Drummer Ray Luzier tapped away at his cymbals with the all too familiar beginning of what could be one of the most iconic intros to an album. Next comes guitars into the mix, but with no apparent guitarist anywhere on stage.

The guitar and cymbals continue longer than expected, leading the crowd to believe the next member they would see would be vocalist Jonathan Davis. Surprisingly, Fieldy was the next to emerge with his bass track in line. He greeted the crowd with a broad smile and his light. After a few seconds of garnering the crowds cheers of acceptance from his presence, outcome guitarists Head and Munky. Finally, Davis quickly approaches his mic stand, growling out his famous opening line, “Are you ready?!”

Fieldy interacts with the crowd most, next to Jonathan hanging over the stage, flashing giant grins and encouraging the audience. The band plays the entire debut album from “Blind” to “Daddy” nearly flawlessly.

At this point, most expect the show to be over, but the band was not finished. After a few minutes of looping the sulky outro sounds, they began to play their single, “Falling Away from Me.” The lights came back up to reveal keyboardist, Zac Baird, and Davis’ Giger created microphone stand “The Bitch.” They play a few top singles from the next couple releases and ended the night with “Freak on a Leash.”

The show certainly set the mood Korn wanted to convey. By playing their first album start to finish in smaller and more intimate venues, the band connects closely with their fans. It has been 20-plus years since this album took the nation by surprise. It’s message and legacy will indeed live on.

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