Sometimes the strangest combination of sounds turns out to be the most intriguing form of music to your heart. Tengger Cavalry is a prime example.

When you add metal to Mongolian folk music, you get a pleasant surprise which you’ll be throat singing for the next few days. Tengger Cavalry is an NYC-based band consisting of Nature, Alex, Josh, Robert, and Uljmuren as the horsemen of the new apocalypse. With a new CD, Mountain Side, and a track record of turning heads since 2010, the guys are out on tour through October to promote the album and their unique brand of kick-ass metal.

One of the most humble guys in the world of music is Nature who holds down the vocals and other duties for Tengger Cavalry. We managed to stalk him until he agreed to talk to us again about their new single released just for this tour, and how nature (the outdoors) and snakes catch his imagination both at home and on the road. He also talked about the possibilities of a certain drummer, with his cool hat, making the next round of shirt designs for the band.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=1893888927 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708 track=3575175464]
So saddle up your warhorses and prepare to ride to the sounds of throat singing and Mongolian folk instruments. Head over to our Facebook or Twitter and let us know your thoughts on the interview or what serpent choice Nature should choose. I’m sure he’d like the help.

Tengger Cavalry
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