With everyone in their seats and the candles lit, it was time for a relaxing, chilled out night of music from two incredibly talented singer-songwriters.

12-Sep-2016: What better way to spend a Monday evening than getting to enjoy a night of great music in the beautiful surroundings of Space in Evanston. This place is a hidden gem offering a fantastic opportunity to experience music in an intimate setting. The great thing about the setup was the lack of distracting mobile phones held high in the air and the respectful quiet from the audience which is, unfortunately, all too rare these days.

Anthony da Costa was first up on the stage promoting his current album. Da Costa explained that he’d recently “put out” the album meaning he put it out on the merch table at the back of the room.

Even for the most seasoned performer, you could imagine this being a nerve-wracking setup. Walking through the audience to get to the stage, with everyone silently watching you without so much as a whisper, waiting to be entertained. If he was nervous, it didn’t show. A simple setup of just a man, his hypnotizing guitar riffs, and beautiful lyrics — a running theme for the night. The audience was mesmerized from the beginning.

Da Costa put on an impassioned performance; his face and voice portrayed every emotion of his songs. Breaking up the set, Da Costa added in anecdotes about when he was a kid and auditioning for his classmates’ bands, being told to do something crazy to wow them, like dye his hair.

Looking around the room, he noticed the audience was made up mostly of couples and suggested they should stick around for John Moreland since he has one or two songs about relationships, and “well, he’s kinda good.”

Time for the main event as John Moreland took the stage and the room filled with applause. Not much of a talker, Moreland let his music speak for him; his heart-felt lyrics speak volumes.

The music hall filled with Moreland’s beautiful, yet, powerful voice as he performed a setlist spanning all three of his albums. He even squeezed in a not-yet-released new song — or as he called it, “an old, new song” — teasing that it will be on the new album which will be “out sometime.”

Moreland is known for lacing his songs with intricate acoustic guitar melodies, all while making it look effortless. The audience was clearly captivated; not a word spoken during his performance. The silence was only broken with the booming applause at the end of each song.

You may not have heard of John Moreland before, but it is only a matter of time before he is playing larger venues. His music, deservedly so, is catching people’s attention to the point that a number of his songs from his second album, In The Throes, were used in the popular TV show, Sons of Anarchy.

The captivated audience was clearly appreciative of his emotional set, taking to their feet for a standing ovation as Moreland left the stage, walking through the crowd to exit the hall.

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