Heidi Shepard from the unstoppable band Butcher Babies sat down for a few moments to speak to National Rock Review.

Butcher Babies is set to release Take it Like a Man on August 21. Heidi Shepherd is one of two lead singers that front the band. If Alice Cooper and Wendy O Williams had a love child, Butcher Babies would be that child.

After signing 5,000 copies of the newest CD for fans who pre-ordered Take it Like a Man, Shepherd drives her way through an interview with the National Rock Review. She talks freely about how fan support for Butcher Babies has lifted the band up. The first video release, “Monster Ball,” is full of gothic and scary makeup special effects. The transformation process for the video cost her a pair of boots. Heidi talks about her best friend, Carla Harvey, who she left a five-member band to form Butcher Babies with.

The title, Take it Like a Man, resonates for Shepherd through her childhood. She is honest that she grew up with an abusive father. She reveals that even now, she is somewhat nervous about how her father will react to her singing about that relationship.

Butcher Babies is launching a tour on August 16 and, with a new release about to drop, there is no stopping them.

Interview with Heidi Shepard:

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