Buck and Evans are rapidly making a name for themselves as a great live act, with a superb line-up of quality musicians.

Having formed just over two years ago, Buck and Evans is a band going from strength to strength. Having been seen by Slash, and subsequently playing with him, the band can also boast an AC/DC drummer in their lineup since Bob Richards stood in for Phil Rudd on a couple of videos while he was “otherwise engaged!” With Chris Buck’s amazing guitar work, and Sally Ann Evans’ superb vocals mixing beautifully, add in the great bass work of Dominic Hill, and this is a band to be seen! Chris made time to speak to National Rock Review just after coming off stage from their storming set at Ramblin Man Fair in Kent.

NRR: So Chris, how was the set?
Chris Buck: Yeah fantastic. Absolutely incredible. Couldn’t have asked for a better crowd or response really. Just blew me away. I had to have a look up to see how many people were in there. It seemed exponentially bigger than how many people were in there really.
NRR: Well the reaction was fantastic – you went down really well.
Chris Buck: Yeah, really pleased with that.
NRR: How do you guys choose the songs for the set – who has the main input?
Chris Buck: Well I don’t know if you noticed, but there was a bit of a surprise for Bob and Dominic. I don’t think they were quite expecting “Dreams to Remember!” That’s the trouble with 4 in the band – we quite often split it 50/50, so we never have a deciding vote, but it was gonna be “Going Home” or “Dreams to Remember.” That’s a bit more chilled out so we decided to chuck that in at the last minute. So by strong-arm is really the answer to the question! (laughs). By not telling the rest of the band what we’re gonna do!
NRR: So who else are you looking forward to seeing while you are here?
Chris Buck: Well, Scorpions tonight! Was going to catch Saxon, but we got off a bit late, and then there’s someone stopping me watching them now! (Nods at yours truly and laughs!) So yeah, Scorpions, really looking forward to seeing them, especially as its rumoured to be their last time over here.
NRR: You played Camden Rocks at the end of may, which I had the pleasure of seeing you at, and you went down really well there too.
Chris Buck: Yeah that was great – wish we had been able to stick around longer to be honest but the price of parking dictated otherwise! No, to be honest, it was the same situation as today really. I wish I was here tomorrow and could stick around and watch Rival Sons and Temperance Movement – awesome bands, but I’m not one for camping, so off home. Glamping maybe, but camping not so much!
NRR: Stay in the back of the van?
Chris Buck: Well we really need a van first – can’t very easily sleep in the back of a Ford Focus!
NRR: You had your new EP launch at Newbridge Memo, and you were the first band to play back in there again after many greats before.
Chris Buck: Yeah, we did. I was a great evening. You know, it’s a historic building, and it was important to me because my great-grandfather was around at the time it was built. My dad used to go in there. My grandparents met in there. So for my family it has a big significance – I don’t know if I’d be here if it wasn’t for them kissing in the back row! But yeah, it’s a great venue and we’re honoured to have been able to play there. And the first band ever to play in it’s theatre, in its 120-year history, so yeah, really good fun!
NRR: Coming up you’ve got a gig in a rather special studio- how did that come around?
Chris Buck: Oh man. Yeah we’ve been lucky enough to get friendly with Chris Kimsey over the years and he’s got a great history as a sound engineer and producer on a whole catalogue of stuff by the Stones, Frampton Comes Alive, you know, an incredible discography of stuff. We were lucky to get friendly with him, he’s a lovely guy, really genuine, and we were lucky enough to get a call asking us to come up and do this acoustic session – I think one of the first bands to go in and do it. So yeah, Olympic is just huge – the amount of stuff that’s been recorded there, it’s hard to find a band that hasn’t recorded a classic album there! It’s got an immense pedigree so we’re incredibly priveledged to play on such hallowed ground, even if it is with a big strange hollow guitar in front of me that I’m not quite used to, so yeah, we’ll see how that goes!
NRR: You obviously got a lot of different influences in the band – Bob obviously loves his AC/DC (Chris: – yeah, he’s obliged to say that now), you’ve done stuff with Slash, so there are some different influences there.
Chris Buck: Yeah, I think that’s one of the things that makes us hopefully a little bit different, and something you maybe haven’t heard before, because we all have got very varied interests. Bob obviously comes from a very “rock” background, Dom likes a lot of different stuff from Iron Maiden through to Tori Amos, you know there’s different singers, songwriters, so it’s a great big melting pot, and hopefully that’s ok!
NRR: So for a varied group, how did it all come together?
Chris Buck: It was more luck in a way. I was offered the chance to support Sandi Thom at Madame JoJos in Soho, London. I had the offer thrown at me, very generously, but it was last minute, and it was “right, I need a band!” – or at the very least I needed someone who could sing. Its all very well me singing, but I sound like a goose farting in the fog, so I needed a singer. So I gave Sally a call and, it wasn’t an obvious choice, because I know how busy she is with everything else she does, and the rest of her life, but I’m glad I made that call because the reaction to that gig was phenomenal, and everything else just came rolling off the back of that. Every step really took me by surprise, the reaction we were getting, and, not that I didn’t have belief in the band, but for such a hastily thrown together thing it was, you know, it snowballed very quickly, and before you know it we were in Arizona in front of a couple of thousand people playing with Slash, and at that point I think I realised we wanna keep going as Buck and Evans. It’s just snowballed – there’s no other word for it really.
NRR: What’s coming up next for the rest of the year?
Chris Buck: Well, we’ve just done a tour with Buffalo Summer, which was great fun – they are a great bunch of lads. It was really good – the first sort of proper, bonafide tour we’ve done, and yeah, we loved every minute of it. The rest of the year – hopefully there’s more gigs, nothing concrete yet but lots of plans in the pipeline. We’ve recently just been in the studio and recorded a few new tracks. Not sure how we are releasing them yet, hasn’t been decided, but within the next couple of weeks should hopefully see, or at least hear, some new material. Yeah, the next couple of months and leading up to Christmas is gonna be an interesting period.
NRR: Hopefully a new album maybe?
Chris Buck: Yeah, definitely. I was speaking to the lads just today – you know we’ve got enough songs to do an album, we could go in and do one, but whether it would be as good as it could be, with us writing all the time, we’re getting stronger all the time, with gigging and things getting bumped up and changed. Yeah, we could release an album tomorrow and no bugger would buy the thing as we are aiming to a very small minority at the moment, so we’re looking to spread the word a bit, getting the message out to as many people as possible. We are who we are, and we do what we do and we want to do something unique. We’re looking to do like a Royal Blood type thing I guess where it went from not many people knowing who they were to everybody knowing who they were from playing out on the town and suddenly everyone is baying for an album. Not every band is fortunate enough to get to that point, but that is very much the game plan.
NRR: Well let’s hope you get there!
Chris Buck: Well I hope so because otherwise you’re never gonna hear the album! Keep gigging and keep playing festivals! Festivals is the thing, I think, because you get such a great cross-section of audience.
NRR: So something like this then (Ramblin’ Man Fair)?
Chris Buck: Totally, yeah, this is perfect – a mix of blues, rock, country, yeah this is tailor made for us really.

NRR: Well thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us, and hope to catch up with you soon.
Chris Buck: Thank you – it’s been great.

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