When you don’t have a “style” but make music the way you want, you’re a few steps farther than your fellow musicians, so raise a toast!

Paulo “Jahred” Gomes (vocals), Jeremiah “Major Trauma” Stratton (drums), Greg “Gregzilla” Harrison (guitar), and Kurt “Kid Bass” Blankenship (bass) are soldiers of musical fortune, or more commonly known as Hed p.e. These Pavement Entertainment artists blur the lines on rock, punk, rasta, and soul to form one of the most unique sounds in rock today.

The band recently dropped their tenth studio album, Forever! (read our review), back on July 22, 2016.

HedPE-Forever-AlbumArtwork-350x350We managed to grab a few minutes of what is extremely rare downtime for Jahred and the other guys in the band. He discussed the new record, the band’s sound, and how not all lineup changes mean there is bad blood. We were bummed that the reformed family man couldn’t tell us a few of the more tantalizing stories from a twenty-plus-year career, but we definitely can respect it.

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(hed) p.e.
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