Only one lyrical monster can mix so many genres perfectly that you wait to see what plays next in Hed p.e.’s new album.

Paulo “Jahred” Gomes (vocals), Jeremiah “Major Trauma” Stratton (drums), Greg “Gregzilla” Harrison (guitar), and Kurt “Kid Bass” Blankenship (bass) are soldiers of musical fortune, or more commonly known as Hed p.e. These Pavement Entertainment artists blur the lines on rock, punk, rasta, and soul to form one of the most unique sounds in rock today. The band is ready for their tenth studio album, Forever!, to hit the masses on Jul 22, 2016.

The Storm Warning Tour has not let down the faithful in anticipation of the new music coming. From bracelets made of show-used bass strings to drinks on stage, to classic songs to remind people of the (hed) p.e. roots, the show was an experience of passion and musical artistry that has spanned ten albums.


“With our new record ‘FOREVER!’ we blend Godzilla heavy guitar riffs with beats that will hypnotize. The vocals strike the proper balance between rock, punk, hip-hop, and reggae. Its is a soundtrack for life!” ~ Jahred

The new music is both reassuring and fresh in its familiar sound on some songs and its style mixtures on other tracks. From the reggae-tinted “Always,” to the serious chorus hooks of “Live,” and even the sound of “Closer,” the album has the vibe of a “classic” Hed P.E. sonic disturbance.

With Conor McGregor, Jedi, and Godzilla references, the pop culture within these lyrics is worth a few plays to see if you pick them all out. For a limited time, get the 15-track bonus disc Family Fresh featuring appearances by Twiztid, Blaze, The Roc, and Playboy The Beast.

Fans of the band will devour the new music in all its glorious forms of nonconformity. You can almost smell the ganja coming from your earbuds. This offering can be raunchy, sweet, obscene, and sincere all within the same song. Pick it up and decide for yourself how magnificent the punk feel of “Waste” is among all of the other experiences on this album.

Radioactive lizards not included, son.

Track Listing For Forever!:
01. Live, 02. Pay Me, 03. Closer, 04. Hurt, 05. It’s You, 06. Waste, 07. JahKnow, 08. One of A Kind, 09. The Higher Crown, 10. Shadowridge, 11. Together, 12. Always, 13. Ganja

(hed) p.e.
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