Jane’s Addiction returns to Chicago to celebrate 25 years since releasing Ritual de lo habitual and launching Lollapalooza.

27-July-2016: Jane’s Addiction rolled into town celebrating the 25th anniversaries of both Lollapalooza and their fan favorite album, Ritual de lo habitual. The band was in town ahead of their festival performance and played two sold out nights at the Metro.

It was no wonder they managed to sell out both nights. You think you’ve seen a full, sold-out venue until you see people standing out in the hallway, unable to fit inside the already packed hall. The excitement got a bit much for some people as a few fights broke out when people tried to push their way forcibly to the front, eager to shake hands with Perry Farrell, the man behind the city’s biggest festival.

The odd scuffle aside, the spirits were high as the audience sang along wholeheartedly to every song. The excitement reached a boiling point once the crowd realized Jane’s Addiction would perform Ritual de lo habitual.

The album might be 25 years old, but neither the songs nor the performance had aged one bit. As you would expect from a Jane’s Addiction show, they had their scantily clad female dancers, including Farrell’s wife, Etty.

The energy in the room intensified as two women, suspended from ropes and hooks embedded in their skin, were hoisted up to the rafters. The suspension artists are a Jane’s Addiction signature stage act.

Farrell, the ever charismatic frontman, was full of energy dancing about the stage. He and Etty shared a not so private moment as they danced together. Farrell even shared his bottle of wine with the audience members who were draped up against the front of the stage.

Dave Navarro put on an inspired performance, with some of the grittiest riffs, all the while making it look effortless. He had conversations with the front row as a fan asked for one of his picks – which he declined as he was using it but made sure to return later with one as a gift.

The show was a precursor to the extended four-day festival, and everyone was clearly excited for the weekend ahead of them. With performers like these, you will always witness a first class show, but you couldn’t help but feel that there was an added magic in the air for the dual anniversary.

Their Lollapalooza performance marks the end of their current tour, a perfect way to round out the celebrations.

Jane’s Addiction
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