The Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer finally released the video fans around the world were waiting for, ‘Jet Black Heart.’

The opening scenes of the video as well as the description of the video says, “We asked our fans to help make this video.  We wanted to hear your stories.  We were overwhelmed by the response.  This video goes out to you. Jet Black Heart.”

The first lyrics you hear are, “Everybody’s got their demons / Even wide awake or dreaming / I’m the one who ends up leaving / Make it okay.”  Those lyrics alone are enough to give you chills down your spine.

Throughout the video fans of all genders and nationalities are shown singing along to the song, as well as the band.

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‘Jet Black Heart’ is easily a fan favorite because it describes what many people are afraid to talk about, feeling sad or alone.  The way this video was carefully put together shows that it was definitely for the fans.

I think the most crushing part of the video aside seeing all the emotion in the fans eyes as they sang the lyrics straight to the camera was seeing 5SOS member Michael Clifford crying in one scene.


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