Fans packed the venue for Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin, one of the biggest co-headlining tours of the summer with opening acts, Saint Asonia and Alter Bridge.

24-July-2016: This was not your average “early bird” crowd as fans made sure to get their spot in line to be sure to catch the two amazing opening acts before the coheadliners.

First up was Saint Asonia opening with “Fairy Tale” from their self-titled debut album. Fans unfamiliar with the band may have gotten a surprise seeing the former Three Day’s Grace vocalist, Adam Gontier, and Staind’s guitarist, Mike Mushok. Gontier made it clear when addressing the crowd by saying, “Saint Asonia is going nowhere; we are here to stay.”

Fans cheered throughout the set, but nothing like they did as Gontier began to play “I Hate Everything About You,” a Three Day’s Grace fan favorite. The crowd screamed the lyrics back at the band on stage, and did the same for their last song of the night, “Let Me Live My Life.” The song is the perfect mix of Three Day’s Grace and Stained combined into one: Saint Asonia.

Alter Bridge began to roars from the crowd. Guitarist Mike Tremonti came out playing guitar followed by Miles Kennedy, a vocalist making waves in the rock music industry. Kennedy’s vocals are powerful and filled with emotion. Similar to the Gontier and Mushok combo, Kennedy and Tremonti work perfectly together as well. The band performed popular songs such as “Metalingus,” “Come To Life,” and “Addicted To Pain.”

Following two strong opening acts came Breaking Benjamin, still supporting their latest Dark Before Dawn comeback album following their years of being on hiatus. The lineup may have changed but that Breaking Benjamin sound is still there.

Members took their places, playing the intro to their opening song, “So Cold.” Nearing the end of the intro, lead singer Ben Burnley came to the stage, causing fans to burst with screams and shouts.

The band played fan favorites such as “Blow Me Away,” “Polyamorous” and “Breath.” During the set, the band changed up vocalists with rhythm guitarist Keith Wallen singing “Sooner Or Later” and bass player Aaron Bruch singing “Believe.” Both artists nailed their vocals, and it was evident the band was having fun.

Later in the set, Breaking Benjamin performed their newest single, “Ashes Of Eden.” The song is a departure from the sound for which the band is known, being a gentle melodic piece. Breaking Benjamin had to feel they were taking a risk on this song as a single, but fans love it. All lighters and cell phones lit up the venue as sparks rained down behind the band onstage.

Burnley had the crowd jumping as he began to sing “I Will Not Bow.” Fans screamed in response and moshed on the lawn. They closed with “Diary Of Jane,” which the house sang along with Burnley. The crowd was clearly ready to let Breaking Benjamin play all night.

Disturbed, like Breaking Benjamin, had been away from the scene on hiatus. The band came out to flames flying on stage and a crowd with their fists in the air as they started to perform “1000 Fists.” Mosh pits formed as eager fans pumped their fists in the air.

Disturbed played tracks off their most recent release, Immortalized, including “The Vengeful One,” “Who Taught You How To Hate,” and “The Light.”

One song stood out, their cover of “The Sound Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. Their version is notable for its intense deep emotion, and haunting vibe, something which has made the track exceedingly popular. Lead vocalist David Draiman performance is the cornerstone of the track, causing fans to hang on every word.

Disturbed kicked up the pace as they continued their set with “Stricken,” “Inside The Fire,” and “Voices.”

Fans got out of hand during the band’s set by getting on top of their seats and yelling the lyrics, elated that the band is back on tour. The set continued with one of their most popular songs, “Indestructible,” where once again fans pumped their fists in the air to the music.

Disturbed closed with what is possibly their best-known track, “Down With The Sickness.” It was clear many fans waited for the song all night; the venue full of thousands screamed at the top of their lungs, and a massive mosh pit opened, responding to Draiman’s instruction to the crowd to “not hold back.” He had to be satisfied with the fan reaction; clearly, the fans have not forgotten them.

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