one of the sponsors of this years Dirt Fest, Recently talked with Sid Wilson of Slipknot.

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On August 9, you’ll find us back at Dirt Fest for another year of rock, punk, metal, and more. Come to our tent to meet a slew of your favorite bands on the lineup, including Sid Wilson of the legendary Slipknot. We got acquainted with Sid a little early and decided to share the info with our fellow InkAddicts.

Ink Addict: A man of many names including DJ Starscream, Ratboy, #0, and more. What sparked the decision to begin using Sid?
Sid: Well it was simple. I thought to myself “what does everyone call out to me at shows”? SID. I think more people just call me SID. It’s what people are most familiar with on a whole. And I’m the III. Which oddly enough I’m the third most famous Sid in music. Syd Barrett, Sid Vicious, and me.
Ink Addict: You started out as a DJ. Can you tell us about the first time you touched a turntable?
Sid: I actually started on piano and bass and vocals. DJing came later after me and my friends, mainly Dj Phase Two, were going to parties and clubs watching DJs and dancing.
Ink Addict: As DJ Starscream you released The New Leader in 2006 and a slew of projects since. What’s the next project slated to release from Sid?
Sid: I was released in 2011. Now SID II is coming out as well as SID Presents “The Miami Vice Sound Crack”. Also look out for Dj Starscream’s “King of the Jungle” vol’s 1 & 2.
Ink Addict: What’s the story behind choosing the Lorde song Royals to remix?
Sid: The day it came out my manager Sy played it for me and was like, “you know, dunt dunt clack duh duh duntduntdunt clack dunt clack dunt dunt clack” and I was like ” “JUUUUUUUUNNNNGGGGGLLLLLLE REMIXXXXXXXX!”age performer.
Ink Addict: You’ve performed so many genres of music live. From metal to DJing and now the lead singer of your own group. When performing live, what do enjoy about those different styles? Do you have a favorite?
Sid: They all have their own live performance appreciation as a performer. I think just being able to be so versatile is the reward in its own because I get to experience much more than the average performer.
Ink Addict: Speaking of genre’s of music you love, I see you have a ‘jungle’ tattoo to represent that particular genre of electronic. Do you have any particularly interesting stories behind your tattoos?
Sid: Too many to tell. they alllllllll have a tale.
Ink Addict: has been replaced with a mysterious ‘transforming’ message. Can you give us a clue as to whats going on behind the scenes at your website?
Sid: Basically, I’m going through a transformation in my life and this is the cocoon stage.
Ink Addict: With all the types of music and projects you’ve had your fingers in, what can we expect to see during your set at Dirt Fest?
Sid: Mos def some full metal jungle and some new digipunk beats I’ve been working on.
Ink Addict: Anything you’d like to say to the people attending Dirt Fest?
Sid: Be sure to check out the band I’m managing called “Nuisance” at 1:30 on the National Rock Review Stage. Be there cause I will!

Want to ask Sid a question yourself? Visit the InkAddict autograph booth at Dirt Fest August 9, to find out when he’ll be hanging with us. While you’re there, pick up one of our FREE InkAddict drawstring bags with even more free stuff inside, including a chance at gift cards up to $50. That’s free stuff stuffed in free stuff. Wear your InkAddict apparel to the show and you could be selected to be upgraded to VIP status. But remember, you can only meet Sid and a bunch of your other favorite artists if you get your tickets to Dirt Fest. Head to and get your tickets before it’s sold out.

Dirt Fest

$35.00 general admission for 50 bands.

Saturday Aug 9
Birch Run Expo Center
11600 Birch Run, MI 48415
All Ages Welcome
Gates Open at 12 noon (11:30am for VIP)
Rain Or Shine Event
Produced and Hosted by Dirt Fest Partners:
(Dalton Bros. & Banana 101.5)

Band Lineup:
Killswitch Engage
SID of Slipknot
Hed Pe
Smile Empty Soul
Blue Felix
Beyond Threshold
Beast In The Field
Powerman 5000
Nothing More
Redlight King
Framing Hanley
Gift Giver
Murder FM
It Lies Within
Gemini Syndrome
Like A Storm
Eyes Set To Kill
Critical Bill
Sunflower Dead
Through The Ashes
Saint Ridley
Bridge To Grace
The 2nd System
Switchblade Scarlett
Brody & The Busch Road Trio
The Mighty Swine
Hell Rides North
Black Flower Blossom
My Perfect Nightmare
The Persevering Promise
Know Lyfe
Aim Your Arrows
The Finale
Bulletproof Snow
Martyr For Madison
Laid In Stone
Autumn Coma
Flood Of Souls
First Decree
Hour 24
Dystopian I
At Ocean’s Depth
This Is Life This Is Living
Sins In Stereo
Dead Sky

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