The Nine came together to beat the resistance of the crowd, shatter their primal restraints, and set free the maggots in all of the audience.

29-July-2016: Sid Wilson (keyboards), Chris Fehn (percussion), Jim Root (guitar), Craig “133” Jones (samples), Shawn “Clown” Crahan (custom percussion), Mick Thomson (guitar), Corey Taylor (vocals), Alessandro Venturella (bass), Jay Weinberg (drums) managed to get around a few obstacles and put on the kind of show at DTE Energy Music Center for which Slipknot is known.

After a two-week delay at the beginning of the North American Summer Tour due to Corey Taylor’s well-documented neck problems, fans in attendance were given the high energy show that is part of the signature of the Des Moines, Iowa natives.

The gentlemen of Of Mice & Men – Austin Carlile (vocals), Aaron Pauley (bass), Valentino Arteaga (drums), Philip Manansala (guitar), and Alan Ashby (guitar) – were the opening band on the tour to test the crowd out and raise them to an acceptable fevered pitch if found lacking. The Rise Records artists are touring in support and in preparation for the forthcoming CD, Cold World, due out Sep 09, 2016 and headlining tour to follow. Pre-orders and the first single are available now if you are slacking a bit in your fandom.

Songs played from their set list were as follows: “PSA,” “Broken Generation,” “Glass Hearts,” “Never Giving Up,” “Bones Exposed,” “You Make Me Sick,” “Pain,” and “The Depths.”

The Pale Emperor, himself, was up next at DTE. Fog machines, masks, make-up, and his world famous stage presence all made their appearances along with many hits spanning his musical career. Manson bucks, bags full of powdered dye, and props galore added to the interaction of Manson and the crowd in the VIP pit area that was within arms range to the stage. If you’re down around the Mexico way, he is scheduled to perform at the 2016 Knotfest there among other shows in the near future.

And then, the headliners came out to give those in the audience an ass kicking the likes of which we may not have seen since the boys came through last year with Lamb of God. With a neck brace quite visible and even mentioned about the neck problems in between songs, Corey managed the duties of lead vocals in a way that made it hard to tell he was still suffering from the effect of spinal surgery.

Songs from all of the catalog were played throughout their set from “Psychosocial” to “Duality” and many others. The lighting, the elevator stages for certain members, the huge screen behind the band playing parts of videos, to the interaction with the crowd all lent themselves to the faithful and cheering crowd.

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