Tennesse progressive/alternative metal band 10 Years have been sharing their love of music over the past 19 years in the US, but have yet to make the breakthrough here in the UK. It has been 11 years since the band have toured the UK, and this current run will reboot the band’s growing reputation within Europe.

10 Years walks onto the relatively small dark stage to a rousing welcome from the crowd. Singer Jesse Hasek wearing dark clothing with a sleeveless hoody, casual jacket and a pair of black gloves. The band starts off the proceedings showcasing their latest album (How To Live) As Ghosts and the very strong melodic “Halos” impresses from the off. Its apparent singer Jesse Hasek has a powerful set of vocals with a huge range. 

The band perform a track or two from most of there previous albums during the course of their set. One such song “Beautiful”, taken from their Division album, slows things down a little. It is Beautiful by name and nature, enchanting with harmonizing vocals that you can’t help but soak up.

The small rows of stage spotlighting make the atmosphere very intimate. The slow intimate build up to “Waking Up” envelopes us and has those in the room hooked with jaws dropping in awe of Haseks huge vocal range. “Catacombs” gets things moving along heavily during its chorus and Hasek shows he can certainly wail and scream with the best of them.

This continues into “Russian Roulette” with it’s fantastic heavy guitar intro. Indeed guitarists Matt Wantland and Brian Vodinh compliment each other so well and work off of one another to great effect as drummer Luke Narey pulverizes his skins. Bassist Chad Grennor keeps a smooth tight rhythm and the band is tight throughout. It’s during these heavy grinding moments this really stands out.

What I didn’t expect to hear tonight is an almost dreamy, chilled out version of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box”. The band certainly made it their own. Those in the room tonight could be seen quietly singing or humming along nodding their heads in approval. By contrast, what follows is something quite the opposite as the headbangers in the room get to give their necks some serious exercise, as probably the heaviest song of the night “Shoot It Out” is high on energy and charisma.

Hasek tells us “You guys are so quiet. Do you want to come up and sing?”. The highlight of the night, “Novocaine” gets everyone going. It’s very infectious as the band grooves along. With huge melodies and great sing-along choruses, it’s easy to see this quickly become a live fan favourite. The band end their main set with a rip roaring version of “Wasteland”, leaving the crowd wanting more.

After a few minutes, the band return to play a song they haven’t done live before. With its heavy verse and chorus, and melodic instrumental section, the song sounds superb in such a small venue.

Hasek informs the crowd “the band want to keep playing”. The Glasgow crowd is treated to another couple of gems with “Miscellanea”, where Hasek gets to scream and displays those fantastic set of pipes. The band ends with the highly energetic “Backlash”.

10 Years
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Event Date: 10-Sept-2018

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