The Foundry: Where Metal Is Made tour continues to reforge the flames of metal across the USA.

The Foundry: Where Metal Is Made super-group continues to leave a trail of bleeding ears and blown out vocal cords on their US tour. This night found them at the 89 North Music Venue following an in-store acoustic set at Grand Slam Collectibles earlier in the day. With Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden), bassist John Moyer (Disturbed, Adrenaline Mob), guitarist Rick Plester (Black Symphony), and drummer A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister, Adrenaline Mob) this juggernaut of a rock show cranks it up to eleven and packs a huge punch of metal to your face.

The crowd this evening might have been sparse for a Thursday night but it was more than energetic. Bayley never lets any member of the audience shy away from full immersion in the show. Commandeering the stage he fully engaged the fans encouraging them to sing along, often face-to-face with them in the microphone or raising his arms up to queue a swelling cheer.

The amazing guitar work of Plester is nothing short of extraordinary. Pulling every trick, pose and technique out of the manual of guitar style, this virtuoso held the venue in awe with his chops. Moyer is just as much an equal on bass, dreadlocked hair flying and strings snapping as he countered Plester with his own stylistic moves. The beast of the beats Pero pummeled his kit on through the night with an drum solo interspersed in a Twisted Sister medley. The set-list from the evening included a mixture of songs from each members former bands with Moyer filling in the vocal on “Children Of The Grave” while Bayley went roaming through the crowd.

The support acts for the evening were the perfect appetizer to warm the crowd for the evening. Sonic Bliss opened the evening playing several songs from their latest CD release “Loved to Death.” while I, Ignite showcased songs from their new EP “Rise and Define.” The Vinyl Plane held their “Never Pay the Devil” CD release party as direct support to The Foundry. Check their links below to listen to their music and give your support to all the local hardworking musicians who bust their chops night after night for the love of music.

All images courtesy of Brian Matus

The Foundry: Where Metal is Made

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