The new EP from the Clevedon-based blues/hard rockers features a fine mix of tracks, with a couple of classics thrown in for good measure.

Kikamora consists of Wilf Kite (Vocals), Jimi Bessant (Lead guitar), Daniel Marshall (Rhythm guitar), Rob Ives (Bass) and Rich Wilson (drums). The strength of this EP proves that Kikamora are a tight unit, who deserves to be heard.

Kikamora-InTheHenHouse-AlbumArtwork-350x350The band recorded In The Henhouse EP at Hellfire Studios in the Midlands, which over the years has played host to the likes of Motorhead, Slayer, and Anthrax, to name but a few. EP opener, “Twist My Arm”, is a classic rock song which begins with a screaming guitar intro. It paints a clear picture of the band who work very well together. The track has superb gravelly vocals and features a powerful rhythm section and some great guitar work.

On the other hand “Methadream” has a softer, more mellow start, which builds mid-song before coming to a high-powered ending with some more excellent axemanship. “Pest” is a full-on rock track, this time with a strong Southern twist to it, and features an instrumental section mid-song. “Suffer Unto Me” starts with some lovely gentle guitar work, which leads the way for a laid back track which gives Kite the chance to showcase his great vocal chops.

Possibly saving the best for last, the EP closes with “Half Rats”, and what a closer it is. The song has a party rock vibe to it almost in the vein of Guns N’ Roses. It features the extra special talents of Frankie Povey (Saxophone) and Harrison Treble (Keys), and they certainly add to the track. It’s a busy, feel-good song and would be fantastic live too.

All in all, In The Henhouse is a great EP and is available now on iTunes or physical CD direct from Broken Road Records.

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