We Are Harlot descended upon Las Vegas to a packed house of eager fans to prove that old-school hard rock never goes out of style!

Fresh off two monster performances at Rock on The Range and Rocklahoma, rock and roll’s newest champions,We Are Harlot, kicked off the night at Vinyl inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV for a well deserved opening slot for the Taylor Momsen fronted, The Pretty Reckless.

Even though this was only the bands third performance and their début album from Roadrunner Records won’t be released until September, We Are Harlot, proved to the full capacity crowd inside Vinyl, exactly why they are a shining ray of hope for todays rock music scene.

Think long hair flying and Jack Daniels straight from the bottle. It’s not an image. It’s real life We Are Harlot. No excuses, just real rock attitude, from a real rock band.

The guys took the stage in unison, amidst purple hued stage lights and backed by the unreleased single Atmospheres enveloping the crowd. Quite an impressive and professional entrance that definitely set the tone for the show ahead.

Singer Danny Worsnop, the F bomb dropping, shot swilling, lumberjack bearded, heavy metal Jim Morrison, commanded the stage with a healthy combination of pomp and grit. Rough around the edges, but engaging, his vocals easily handled melodic verses as well as hard-core screaming.

Guitarist Jeff George, with a smile reminiscent of a young Eddie Van Halen, but uniquely his own, laid down classic and well-defined solos. Building on a song structure that reminded me of my favorite Sunset Strip rock bands, George exuded an energy and genuine love for the instrument, as well as the stage, that was infectious.

Moving onto Harlot’s rhythm section, the band features bassist Brian Weaver and drummer Bruno Agra. Weavers off stage presence may lead you to believe he might prove passive while performing, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. His stoic demeanor transforms in front of an audience, solidifying the arrangement and cementing its solid rock feel. The bass tone was warm, stable, and uncompromising.

This certainly blended well with Bruno’s more flair oriented and animalistic drumming style. Agra is no doubt the fun-loving component of this group. His playing combined substantial beats with the occasional, well-timed stick twirl, culminating in a perfect mix of talent and fun.

Although the set was short, only eight songs, it offered an exciting selection of what these guys can do. Encompassing a true mix of solid rock and roll, heavy metal undertones, and even the lost art of a rock ballad, We Are Harlot, is the perfect all around rock band for the here and now. This band is not only what every rock fan wants, it’s also what they need.

For now you can get your Harlot fix by downloading the newly released single, Denial, from the band’s website or get to the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA September 13, 2014. Until then keep your eyes and ears open for more tour dates to be announced and the album to hit in September. Long live We Are Harlot and long live Rock and Roll!

We Are Harlot online:

Photo Credit: James Lozeau


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