Nothing More fired up a sweaty crowd in Jacksonville, Florida along with opening bands Separations, Turbowolf, and The Color Morale on the 2015 Outbreak Tour.

Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, Florida is a relatively small venue with a big sound and a large fan following. Monday’s show that features the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with Separations, Turbowolf, The Color Morale, and Nothing More, was one of largest events held at the venue. As for the setting, it is arguably one of the hottest ever indoors, yet no one seems to mind; everyone sticks it out for a rocking show.

After missing a show in Michigan due to vehicle difficulties, Separations get right to work on their set. The band from Atlanta has been enjoying some airplay exposure lately on Sirius XM Octane and raises the roof with full out enthusiasm and energy to spare. Their single, the title track to Dream Eater, is fantastic. The entire set has no lull and from the looks of the merch table in the back of the room, they pick up some fans on this stop.

Next up, hailing from the UK, Turbowolf this tour is their US debut. While the music may be difficult to characterize, they blend sounds of rock and punk with a sprinkling of electronica in the mix. Showmanship with flair might best describe frontman Chris Georgiadis and his performance leaves one wondering what this man could do if given a large stage. Turbowolf is touring in support of their first full-length album, Two Hands and covering Pretty Boy Floyd’s “Some Kind of Voodoo.” With their recent success, we will likely hear more of Turbowolf in the U.S. as this tour crosses the country.

With Marmozets exiting the tour due to an injury sustained by lead singer Becca MacIntyre, The Color Morale is filling the spot and brings the house down. Hold On, Pain Ends is their fourth album and the set was heavy with messages, including “Suicide, Stigma.” They brought the directive full-force with a hardcore beat and uplifting power. The temperature in the venue was approaching sauna levels, yet the room was totally digging the show, no matter the heat.

All three opening bands fully engaged an appreciative audience that showed no signs of distress in the heat. Even as the stage setup for Nothing More took place the crowd endured. Headlining the tour, Nothing More are no stranger to crowds and stages of any kind, but the crowd was very interested in seeing just how they would pull off their setup within the confines of Jack Rabbits.

Nothing More is nothing less than out of this world spectacular under unbelievably harsh conditions. They carry the show with so much energy that one look at the awe of the crowd at the midway point could easily bring a tear to your eye. Nothing More has fans in a frenzied trance.

Nothing More’s performance of “Christ Copyright” is beyond expectation. “Mr. MTV” and “Here’s to the Heartache” has the crowd wholeheartedly assisting, and the ever emotional “Jenny” was worth every amount of sweat that poured from every pore.

With indoor temperatures near 90 degrees and no air flow, it is hands down one of the hottest indoor concert venues in recent memory, something commented on by Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More. He declares this show is within the top three hottest concerts the band has played. With the majority of the crowd opting for the VIP meet and greet upgrade, they came to see this show and nothing will turn them away.

Start to finish it is a full evening of great music and killer performances from all the bands. The tour wraps in mid-October in Little Rock, Arkansas, but not before stops throughout the Southeast.

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