Eric Griffin and Starlin Cross of Six Days Til Sunday talk about their new album, new video, the band’s name and more with Allie Jorgen

Allie Jorgen recently had the opportunity to have a face-to-face interview with two of the most enigmatic gothic rockers in the world today, Eric Griffin and Starlin Cross of Six Days Til Sunday. They have just released their new CD, Predetermined, which is described as a new CD with crushing lyrics, beautiful melodies, sinister guitars, and pounding bass coupled with drumming that ranges from hypnotic to near black metal. They have also released their unrelenting new video for their song Disease.

Be sure to check out my live video interview with them and the band’s surreal description in their own words below. Also be sure to check out their LIVE show on Saturday, June 21 at the Whiskey in Los Angeles!! This show will be a gothic metal assault like no other!! You do not want to miss this show!

Allie Jorgen Interview with Six Days Til Sunday:


Eric Griffin and Starlin Cross of Six Days Til Sunday:

Photos by Roc Boyum


From the artist bio:

On a lonely hilltop somewhere in the outer most regions of this world as we have come to know it…. the wasteland breeds a new type of mayhem. Come forth the divine structure of a being not known for its kindness, nor its evil.

A being unsure of its boundaries, it stakes its claim upon the violence it preys upon. Time has moved on. There is no god, no plague of false idols, just a swarm of survivors seeking an inner peace yet finding only a bevy of litany, a dream of glory, and a circle of silence…

The sun warms the wasteland and blood drenches the earth…

Save yourself before this goes too far!

Starlin Cross (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
A discerning, powerful being who appears to those around him as seemingly human yet still somehow not of this world. Behind his arrogant defiance some say his eyes betray a deep sadness that goes unnamed.

His calming, structured voice and powerful lyrics, while burning the hillsides, instructs his followers to their divine destiny. Always questioning… is there a new path for us or is this life a single path of violent disaster?

Devlin 9 (Drums)
No other has crossed the path of uncertainty as this one has. Yet still he wages on this journey. The flame that fuels this simple yet dangerous individual has been re-ignited in the coals of this wasteland. His anger burns through every smile…

Eric Griffin (Lead Guitar)
A vengeful soul with a yearning for peace… Always searching for the meaning behind it all… He strikes with deadly precision at that which would restrain him.

Malice (Bass)
With the viral intelligence of a master of deceit this one has decided to seek the truth despite the fact that the truth sometimes leads to a lesson in pain. He has learned that the most brutal lies are the ones you tell yourself.