Myles Kennedy rounds out his Year Of The Tiger solo tour at Rochaus in West Dundee.

Thomas Wynn and the Believers are usually a six-piece band. However, tonight they take to the stage as a duo comprising of Thomas and his sister Olivia, for a stripped back performance. Their set is rich in beautiful harmonies and rock and roll poise as they showcase acoustic versions of tracks from their current album, Wade Waist Deep.

Myles Kennedy‘s solo material has been a long time coming but it is finally here and has been brought to life on his first solo tour in support of Year Of The Tiger. Tonight marks the end of the US tour, with Kennedy heading to Europe after a short month-long break.

Whilst his solo venture might have a taken him musically in a different direction to what he is known for with Alter Bridge and Slash, he also performs a number of their songs throughout the set, including Alter Bridge’s “Addicted To Pain” and “All Ends Well” and Slash’s “Starlight” and “World On Fire.” The setlist spans the last twenty years of his career, and also harks back to his days with The Mayfield Four, with songs such as “Eden” and “White Flag” included.

This is a stripped back performance, with the majority of the set being just Myles and his trusty acoustic guitar. During Alter Bridge shows, you will often see this type of performance for “Wonderful Life” and “Watch Over You ” which it was a delight to still see tonight. However, having the rest of the set performed in a similar style brings an entirely new interpretation to the usually heavier rock songs.

Myles was occasionally joined on the stage by his “partner in crime,” Tim Tournier who many have seen open for the likes of Alter Bridge as part of Man The Mighty. Tournier is a very familiar face to Myles/Alter Bridge fans and receives numerous cheers and chants from his home crowd as he takes to the stage to join his close friend. 

The Year Of The Tiger is an emotional album, borne from deep-seated issues and loss from Kennedy’s childhood. The material lends itself really well to these kinds of intimate surroundings, bringing to the forefront, not just the poetic, heartfelt lyrics, but also once again the range of Kennedy’s mesmerizing voice and intricate yet effortless guitar playing.

Breaking up the evening with covers scattered throughout the setlist, it is fair to say, you’ve never seen a version of Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” performed in this manner. It is unexpected during a show like this, but certainly gets the full backing of the audience. 

The night is rounded out with a beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” the perfect end to such a great show. It takes a lot to pull off such a heavily covered song and do it differently, but Kennedy succeeds in putting his own spin on the classic track. Few musicians can hold the full attention of an audience for two hours with just a one-man performance but with songwriting, voice, and musicianship such as his, there’s was never an ounce of doubt that he could do this. And he does. 

As Kennedy leaves the stage, the happy crowd filter out into the hot, summer night, with smiles on their faces. It may be the end of the US dates for this tour, but it will only be a matter of time before one of the busiest men in rock comes back around again, whether it be by himself or with Alter Bridge or Slash. Always seeming to have something on the go, the wait hopefully won’t be too long.

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Myles Kennedy
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Event Date: 25-MAY-2018

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