After putting fans on hold for six years, the post-grunge rockers answered the call for new music and released an album just weeks before arriving in Clarkston.

Despite a drizzly, cloudy day, the skies parted for the seemingly sole purpose of welcoming fans and opener Dashboard Confessional. The emo-indie rock group lead by singer songwriter Chris Carrabba, gave the audience a show that was deserving of a headlining act. Rounding out the group was Scott Shoenbeck on bass, Mike Marsh on drums, and John Lefler on guitar.

Fans matched the rhythm of every song through their consistent clapping and singing. Constant engagement with the crowd left fans hanging at the end of every song, eagerly waiting to see what they would play next. Although Dashboard Confessional hasn’t released music in five years, their nostalgic songs gave the audience a chance to reminisce before having the chance to taste new music by one of their old favorites.

Opening with their hit “Graduate,” Third Eye Blind came with their punk asses ready to prove they indeed have graduated to an even higher platform in rock history. The rowdy fans screamed and danced at the outdoor venue to welcome the band and prepare for a night of their cherished music. From there they played a mix of old and new songs off their final studio album, Dopamine, which will conclude a unique and noteworthy career marked by over two decades of success. Songs featured throughout the night off the album included “Everything is Easy,” “Dopamine,” and “Say It.”

Their delicate shuffle between old hits and final songs was mastered by Jenkins and the band’s other talented members. Brad Hargreaves on drums, Kryz Reid on guitar, Alex Kopp on keyboard, and Alex LeCavalier on bass, completed the dynamic, celebratory performance.

Special guest performer, K. Flay, made a surprise appearance and did a spoken word piece featured on “Say It.” Another highlight of the night was Hargreaves’ drum solo which left the crowd begging for his intricate string of pounds against the drum head.

The night ended with a rambunctious encore. Again, fans asked and Third Eye Blind delivered. “Semi-Charmed Life” left fans completely charmed about their performance and continued to celebrate with shouts and praise over the twenty-two year run of a masterful band.

Third Eye Blind will conclude their tour on July 26 in the in San Francisco, where the band originally formed in 1993.

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