Healthy Junkies electrify the Electrowerkz in London before hitting the road for their forthcoming French/UK Tour

Kicking off the night, Healthy Junkies take to the stage with fan favourite “Copy Cat”, a kick ass song with soulful lyrics from lead singer Nina Courson. This girl really knows how to command the stage with her enigmatic stage presence backed up by Phil Honey-Jones on backing vocals and lead guitar, who certainly knows his way around the stage.

Newcomers to the band, Dave and Tony gel perfectly with Nina and Phil providing the rhythm section to Healthy Junkies with bass and drums respectively.

Currently embarking on their tour, Healthy Junkies are a band that we at National Rock Review have had the pleasure of seeing live a fair few times. We’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt and their debut album Sick Note too. The band just go from strength to strength every show.

Their set consists of songs old and new, including “Runaway Devil”, “Witches of Lust” and “I Don’t Give a Damn”. The show culminates in their final song of the night “D-7”, a cover of a Nirvana song, (who in turn covered it from a band called The Wipers) with special guest Tom Ruddock from Spider Redundant, adding his piercing vocals to proceedings. This man was made for the stage; his commanding presence is on par with Nina and Phil’s and compliments them beautifully.

If you have yet to see Healthy Junkies live, you must do so, their next gig is in France on April 27th when they begin the European leg of their current tour, but they are back in London on May 27th when they play the stage at T-Chances. Be sure to check the listings on their Facebook page, the chances are that this incredible four piece will grace a stage in a town near you and they’re certainly worth venturing out for.

Words by Marc Jason Ali
Photos by Eric Duvet

Healthy Junkies
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Event Date: 22-APR-2017

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