The Velcro Pygmies made their welcome return to Texas after the heartbreaking death of their bassist, Jacob “Sandman” Sanders.

It was a night of great music and festivities in celebration of St.Patrick’s Day at The Pub. The Velcro Pygmies have had lots of press lately due to the tragedy. Consummate professionals, they soldiered on delivering an emotional and explosive performance.

This band is described on their website as “Everything that is right about Rock n’ Roll. Loud, fast, larger than life, and in your face. Big hair, big lights, big sound.” This is exactly what they are.

Cam took to the stage to raucous applause as he introduced the band Chase West on guitar, Chris Edds on drums, and stepping in for Jacob was Johnny Dep on Bass. They began their set with “Nothing But a Good Time.”

They are an interactive band talking freely with the crowd during their set. They launched into stunning renditions of “Play That Funky Music,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” and “Brick House” that had the ladies in a frenzy dancing on table tops and standing on chairs. It was a remarkable sight to see.

The night was tinged with sadness as Cam spoke about Jacob and his brother Jeremiah stating, “People say how do you go on? My question is how do you not go on? The Velcro Pygmies know one thing, and that is rock n’ roll. That is all we know what to do.” He thanked everyone for the love and support as they began to play Steve Miller’s “The Joker.” They also played Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and Prince’s “Purple Rain” in Jacobs honor.

The highlight of the evening was Chase “The Ace” West’s astonishing five-minute guitar solo. He took fans on a trip through the best that rock has to offer. Chase played a medley that encompassed everything from Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me” to Led Zepplin’s “Black Dog” to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” and “Back In Black.” He made quite a spectacle playing “Sweet Child of Mine” from Guns N Roses behind his head as he danced and mugged for the many cameras in his face. It is difficult to watch him and not be reminded of Randy Rhoads. Skill and charisma pour off this guy.

The band did a group sing along which inevitably happens when any band plays Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

No Pygmies show is complete without “The Blow Pop” ritual. This is the moment in the show where Cam suggestively hands out Blow Pops to the eager ladies of the crowd.

To close out their set, the Pygmies played Kiss’s “Rock and Roll All Night.” These wildly talented guys are natural born entertainers and are sure to have you dancing and singing along with abandon. This is a not just a concert; it is a show!

The Velcro Pygmies
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Fundraiser for Jacob and Jeremiah Sanders

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