Eva Under Fire sat down with National Rock Review to discuss their upcoming CD release show for their new album, Anchors.

The music of Eva Under Fire is a refreshing take on modern rock n’ roll. Their music will catch you right away with infectious hooks, powerful lyrics that speak to the soul, and backed by a veritable supergroup of talented young musicians.

Born in the hotbed of the Detroit music scene, they have come together to bring their new album, Anchors to the masses. Their upcoming release show is April 02 at The All Around in Taylor, Michigan. The show includes special guests New Day Revolution, Life At Last, Ignoring The Echoes, and Prophet Ecks from Wax Kings.

The album is an amazing work of art. Each song flows well into the next while also having the individuality to stand alone by itself. Vocalist Amanda Lyberg channels the spirit of Pat Benetar or Blondie with her soaring, raspy, multi-octave voice on songs like Annabelle and Betrayer. These Streets showcase the riff-laden hooks of the guitar work from Rob Lyberg and Chris Slapnix.

The album was produced at Zoinga Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan with Mick Maslowski.

Singer Amanda Lyberg and guitarist Chris Slapnix recently sat down with us to discuss all the details about the making of this album, the challenges of being a young rock band struggling to break out in the modern music industry, and how they feel their music is something special that transcends the norm.

Interview with Amanda Lyberg and Chris Slapnix of Eva Under Fire:


Catch the release party of Anchors at The All Around concert club in Taylor, Michigan on April 02.

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