Legendary 60s garage punk band The Sloths are back from the grave with an electrifying set of rock n’ roll tunes.

Resurrecting a rock band isn’t easy. It took a private eye to reunite the remaining members of The Sloths, the 60s teen garage punk band whose only release, the too hot for radio “Makin’ Love,” was selling for over $6,000 on eBay.

The price tag and popularity was due to its inclusion in the garage band compilation Back From The Grave, which led to fanzine Ugly Things writing an article “Who Were the Sloths?” which in turn led to several other blogs declaring them one of the great lost bands of the 60s. And now, 50 years later, the Sloths are touring, played several successful shows at SXSW, and have just released their first, full-length album on Lolipop Records.

The Sloths played a set at the Satellite in Los Angeles, opening for The Standells of “Dirty Water” fame. Anyone going to a Sloths gig expecting to see a bunch of washed-up, geriatric rockers will be pleasantly surprised. These guys rock, and rock hard. Lead singer Tommy McLoughlin is a mesmerizing performer who still oozes charisma. He electrifies himself on stage and performs small magic tricks, jumping into the crowd several times throughout the night to dance with the ladies. Guitarist Patrick DiPuccio was a laid-back master of the riff, while bassist Mike Rumens and drummer Ray Herron kept the beat rock steady.

Songs included “End of My Rope,” “Fired,” “Haunted,” the Holly Vincent penned “Not Enough Girls,”  and the original tune that started it all, “Makin’ Love.”

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