After a two year pause, the band will be back on stage performing live as they gear up for international tour dates.

Rewinding to where Adler began, the tape finds itself in the 80s during the heat of rock n’ roll in America with Guns N Roses in the music industry spotlight. From their hit songs Welcome to the Jungle (1987) to Sweet Child O’ Mine (1987), Steven Adler was leaving his mark on the beloved genre as he perfected his skills as rocker and drummer.

After his time with Guns N Roses ended, Steven Adler founded Adler in 2012, consisting of members Jacob Buntman (vocals), Lonny Paul (guitar), and Johnny Martin (bass). Within a year the band released their debut album Back from the Dead featuring famous rock artists Slash and John 5. Adler’s music ranges from adrenaline pumping hard rock anthems to songs that tell powerful stories about heartbreaks and struggles, continuing the classic taste of old time rock into new music with modern twists.

For more information about Adler and their upcoming performances, check out their website below.

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Select Summer Tour Dates

June 18: Bolingbrook, Illinois
June 19: Pekin, Illinois
June 20: St. Louis

July 10: West Hollywood, California
July 11: Las Vegas
July 23: Lima, Peru
July 24: Arequipa, Peru
July 25: Cusco, Peru

August 21: Toronto
August 28: Uncasville, Connecticut
August 29, Queens, New York

September 26: San Jose, California

October 1: Los Angeles