A sold out crowd at Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom in Louisville welcomed Brent Smith and Zach Myers to an intimate acoustic set of Shinedown songs and Cover songs along with Zack Mack.

There is nothing better than taking in a live performance of your favorite band at a club or venue. Every once in a while we, as a concert goers are fortunate to experience a truly magical evening and a very special performance – That show was Friday evening’s acoustic performance by Shinedown’s Brent Smith and Zach Myers.

Fans had waited outside the venue for the doors to open. Many in line were hoping to get a front and center position at the stage and spoke eagerly about the performance to come. The energy level and anticipation were high before the event even began. This positive vibe built to a crescendo just before the stage lights came up and Brent Smith and Zach Meyers took the stage.

Smith and Myers opened their set performing their cover of Stone Temple Pilot’s “Big Empty” as a tribute to Scott Weiland (accompanied by Zack Mack). The performance was both intimate and powerful and set a great tone for the evening. After the song, Smith and Myers signed the lyric sheet and handed it to a lucky fan in the near the stage.

The continued with “If you Only Knew” and Smith shared an experience they witnessed as bystanders involving local law enforcement earlier in the day and the lessons they learned. It was a lighthearted moment for everyone. After throwing roses into the crowd, they had everyone in the house singing along with them for their acoustic rendition of “Second Chance.”

Smith took a moment to show everyone tonight’s setlist and explain that Myers selects the songs for the evening only sharing the list with Smith about twenty minutes before the show. The fourth song in the setlist reads “WTF/Audible,” which had everyone laughing and smiling, highlighting just how real and down to earth Smith and Myers are. They finally settled on Smith’s favorite Shinedown song, “Shed Some Light,” which was simply fantastic.

Heading into the middle of their set, the duo covered Pearl Jam’s “Black” and “Never Let Go” by Shinedown, “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins and ended w guitar work and a rocking acoustic version of “State of My Head.” The latter had the entire crowd jumping and singing along.

It was time for Zach Myers’ solo songs (with support from Zack Mack). Myers introduces the first song explaining that anyone from the South (the show being hosted in Kentucky) who was raised right will know the words to the next song. Myers then launches into a cover of “Forever and Ever Amen” by Randy Travis.

Next follows an incredible cover of “She Talks to Angels” by the Black Crows with a flavor of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” cut into the middle. It was a special moment of the show.

More than one hour into the evening, Smith and Myers seemed to be just warming up, mentioning that they might just play all night and that this was the most fun they have had on this acoustic show tour. The paid amped up their energy as they performed “I’ll follow you,” “Cut the Cord,” an intense rendition of “Call Me,” and a hard-driving version of “45” that just blew everyone away.

Unfortunately, even special evenings like this one have to come to an end, but Smith and Myers would not let it end quietly. For their final three songs, they killed a cover Adele’s “Someone Like You,” a powerful rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” that had everyone singing and moving together; truly a great show moment.

Smith and Myers ended the evening with a Shinedown song, “Sound of Madness,” putting a strong exclamation point to an outstanding evening. Their 11-date intimate acoustic tour concluded the following night in Illinois. Let’s all hope that they continue this tour next year. This show needs to be high on everyone’s list of “must see” shows for 2016.

Starting off the evening was Zack Mack, part of the group Allen, Mack, Myers, Moore and a self-proclaimed country boy from Memphis, Tennessee. He performed a great forty-five minute set of folksy, acoustic rock n’ roll songs.

His set included songs from their recent album, Just South Of Moonlight, including “Night like This” and “Annalee.” He was joined on stage by Zach Myers for a couple of songs before wrapping up his set with a cover of “Don’t Let Me Down” from the Beatles and his favorite song, a cover of the “Mr. Jones” by the Counting Crows. His set was energetic; the music and vocals were great and well received by those in attendance.

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