Mushroomhead packed the house at the Hawthorne Theater during their stop in Portland, OR.

Two of Portland’s favorite local bands were the openers for the show at the Hawthorne Theater. On a crazy, wet, cold, Thursday night fans gathered to show their support for the masked spectacle that is Mushroomhead.

Separation of Sanity was first to take the stage. This local hardcore/metal/punk band has been on the Portland scene since 2007. Clearly, a local band with plenty of support, S.O.S had a fairly large crowd already gathered and ready to rock out. With plenty of guttural vocals, backed by thundering bass lines and drum beats, Separation of Sanity clearly set the bar high for expectations of what was to come for the rest of the evening.  Jason X (vocals), Randy Toten (guitar, backing vocals), Keith Fitzgerald (guitar, backing vocals), Ivar Forkbeard (bass, backing vocals), and Jackson Coffey (drums) came to show the crowd what the local metal scene is made of; they did not disappoint. S.O.S has a new four-song EP due to drop any time now called The Crucible. The band is currently unsigned and shopping for label interest.

Next up was the one and only Amerakin Overdose. This industrial metal band from Portland has developed a large following locally as well as nationwide. Amerakin Overdose also toured with Mushroomhead in October of 2015. They developed a bond with the band and fit in very well with the line up. Band members Cody (vocals), Pito (vocals), Starbie (bass), Human (keys), Brick (drums), and Freeman (guitar) put out a self-titled/self-recorded album in 2012. In 2015, the band released a “teaser” EP that will prepare fans for their full-length album due for release in 2016. Amerakin Overdose’s music is heavily influenced by bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson, and Nine Inch Nails. The band is a large draw for their local fans that are ready to watch the visual spectacle that comes along with their grinding industrial sound. All band members are in full make-up or masks for their performances and put on a high energy show.

Following Amerakin Overdose was Come and Rest. The band hails from Atlanta, GA and their stripped down approach to music shows how truly talented they are. It is clear from the beginning that this band is about the music and the fans. No costumes or fancy lighting were necessary for the fans to get in the pit and have a great time. Band members Noel Alejandro (vocals), Mitchell Garrett (drums), Dan Goehring (guitars), and Josh Harmon (bass) released their first EP Royal Blood in 2013 and hit the road touring. With a solid fan base behind them and a dedication to their fans and music, the band began writing and recording their next release Blacklist in 2014. Released in November of 2015, Blacklist has gained new fans with each show played. Come and Rest, signed to Equal Vision Records, will continue touring through January.

The fourth band to grace the stage was 9Electric. This incredibly entertaining power rock band from Los Angeles, CA is reminiscent of the late 1980s to early 1990s Hollywood scene. 9Electric is pure fun rock and roll. The band has toured much of 2015 and building an ever-increasing fan base. Band members Ron Underwood (vocals), Mikey Lopez (guitars), Casey DC (bass), and Micah Electric (drums) manage to pull off blistering sets full of stunning stage acrobatics night after night. Currently, the band is touring in support of their 2014 release Control. The band also recorded a track called “Destroy As You Go” with the late Wayne Static. Another Century Records is the current label for 9E. If you are looking to kick back and just have a really great time, you need to check out 9Electric.

The final band of the evening was Mushroomhead. The crowd primed and ready to go for the rock/industrial-metal band that hails from Cleveland, OH. Mushroomhead undoubtedly knows how to put on a show. With their water drums, ever-changing masks, occasional changing members, and the recent addition of the blazing hot Jackie LaPonza; every show is a new experience. Jackie added a new energy and dramatic flair to the already famous stage presence. J Mann (vocals), Jeffrey Nothing (vocals), Skinny (drums), Stitch (drums, programming), Dr. F (bass), Diablo (drums), and Church (guitar) continue to keep this band rocking through all the changes they have faced. Mushroomhead played old and new songs to a packed house while the crowd chanted and sang. Currently, out on tour supporting their 2014, 7th release The Righteous & The Butterfly, there is no sign of this band slowing down. Mushroomhead is currently signed with Megaforce Records. Fans can look forward to the band continuing to tour well into 2016.

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