With a bit of sass and a heart of youthfulness, Tanya Tucker delivers a high energy performance to the crowd inside the Kalamazoo State Theatre.

On a chilled Friday night in Kalamazoo, country music fans come together to hear some good ole classic country music from a couple of artists new and seasoned.

First to take the stage is Reverie Lane. Reverie Lane opens the show with an original of theirs called “Hay Boy” before dropping another with “Never Again.” Reverie Lane is a country music duo that originated in 2014 after witnessing each other’s performance in a Nashville club. Both, Spencer Bartoletti of Pennsylvania and Presley Tucker from Tennessee are singer-songwriters that seem to have many of the same likes and values in musical style. Tonight’s show, the ladies are joined on stage with Jake Clayton on steel guitar. Singing songs and touring for the past 5 years has helped them gain a strong following, as tonight’s show had visitors from Missouri and Iowa present in the crowd.

Warming up the crowd and winning their hearts, Spencer and Presley perform their debut single “Less Is More” to an upcoming debut album that will be released later this year. Spicing it up for the crowd and showing them that beside the new country sound, they are able to pull off a crowd pleasing classic of “Mind Your Own Business” by the late Hank Williams.

One of the first songs “South Of Sober” written between the two still continues to make the cut during the ladies 25 minute opening set. Getting the crowd up on their feet, Reverie Lane adds a couple fun, not so serious songs “Holy Roller” and “Before The Rice” before ending their evening’s set.

Then, to the sound of thunderous applause, Tanya Tucker comes to the stage with “Some Kind Of Trouble” and is ready for a fun night of music, dancing and laughs.

Sporting a pair of jeans with the popular ripped holes in the knees, a studded black leather jacket and bright hot pink hair, Tanya sure doesn’t look the part of a 60 year old country music artist. Instead she shows off her youthful heart by dancing back and forth across the stage during her Friday night show. Tanya forges on with hits “I’ll Come Back As Another Women,” “Hangin’ In,” “Walkin’ Shoes” before showing that she is “Strong Enough To Bend.”

Blessed with a career lasting nearly 50 years, Tanya has been gifted with six #1 songs written by Paul Davis. Singing her favorite song “Love Me Like You Used To,” the crowd is gifted with her pure distinctive and recognizable voice that they have come to love over her long career. With so many songs to choose from, Tanya often rotates songs in and out of her shows to keep the show fresh and allow her fans to hear their favorite songs. Recently, while digging through her library of hits, she came across one she has had from when she was 17. In order to perform “Don’t Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You” in her show, she had to relearn the song and teach her young band the arrangement also.

Taking a break to talk to the crowd, Tanya announces that she has a new brand of Tequila coming out soon and will be called Cosa Salvaje, which means “Wild Thing” in Spanish. Joking with the crowd, she than states “I used to be wild, now I just drink it.” The crowd roared in laughter as she apologized for not having enough to share with every one in the theatre. Singing “San Antonio Stroll,” Tanya strolls back and forth across the stage before admitting that the stroll gets harder and harder to do every year.

Tanya next takes a few moments to give thanks and tribute to all who helped her along her illustrious career. In a medley of sorts, she begins with The Eagles and “After The Thrill Is Gone” to saluting one of her best friends and hero’s, Merle Haggard and “Ramblin’ Fever.” During the Bruce Springsteen cover “I’m On Fire,” Tanya adds a segment of “Ring Of Fire”to it by the late Johnny Cash. Grabbing a little roll around stool, she remarks that this is her favorite singer in the world and that he is the love of her life. After singing her version of “By The Time I Get To Pheonix” by Glen Campbell, she softly looks up into the sky and says “I miss and love you.”

Announcing that “Can’t Run From Yourself” is basically her theme song, she jokingly claims that it could also be a song about OJ Simpson. During “Texas (When I Die)” Tanya takes a moment to introduce her band which also includes Jake Clayton on fiddle, steel, and slide guitar for Tanya. The duo Reverie Lane also stands on stage with Tanya as her back up vocals. While introducing the two gals, she adds that Presley Tucker is her lovely daughter.

As a dedication to her parents who were married for 65 years, Tanya wrote and performs “Two Sparrows In A Hurricane” at each of her shows since their passings. Following the performance, Tanya was met with an emotional standing ovation by her fans. Wrapping up her set here in Kalamazoo, she claims “It’s A Little Too Late” before leaving the stage before a quick break to an encore.

As Tanya returns to the stage for her chanting and applauding fans, she dives right into “Amazing Grace” before her fan favorite, crowd pleasing signature single “Delta Dawn.” At the song’s conclusion, the crowd rushes the stage front to be able to catch a close up “selfie” photo or handshake by Tanya before she exits off stage.

Tanya has become an iconic country music legend that has taken on many challenges in her 45 year career and continues to stand steadily on her two feet. As a female performer, she has worked hard to gain the respect of all country artists, male and female, and often honored as a queen in country music. Although once considered a female in Outlaw Country, she is often looked upon as an example for the young female artists to stay strong.

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Event Date: 12-APR-2019