Louisville brings the love for Pop Evil with Them Evils and comedian Don Jamison.

A cold and rainy night Sunday night didn’t deter rock fans from flocking to Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom for a chance to catch Pop Evil strut their stuff. The band is on the final stages of their month-long U.S. winter tour before they head to Europe for a ten-show run, then heading to Australia for the first time ever.

Providing the main musical support are southern California rockers Them Evils. With a fiery set showcasing their raw energy and contagious spirit, Them Evils give fans a their all this evening. At different points of their show, both guitarist/vocalist Jordan Griffin and bassist Jake Massanari were off the stage and at the barrier, interacting with fans and pouring our energy. David Delaney II’s drum work left the venue practically vibrating. Them Evils close out their set with two hard driving songs from their Rollin’ Stoned and Livin’ Free album “Got Me Rockin'” and “Have One on Me” with a scorching rendition of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds” sandwiched in between for good measure.

In between Them Evils and Pop Evil is a quick routine by comedian/TV Host Don Jamison. If the name sounds familiar, it is probably from his long stint co-hosting That Metal Show on VH1 Classics. Don held nothing back as he covered subjects like Caitlyn Jenner, Kiss’ End of the Road Tour, hookers, Guns N’ Roses, that had the venue rolling.

In front of a hug, stage length banner depicting the cover artwork from their latest self- titled album Pop Evil roll onto the stage greeted by a huge roar from the crowd. Without pause, they start the evening with “Boss’s Daughter” from their 2011 album War Of Angels, followed by “Colors Bleed” and “Ex Machina” from the aforementioned Pop Evil album and the evening is off to a roaring start.

It seems that this part of the tour has been a little difficult for the band as front man Leigh Kakaty had been in bed all day fighting off cold/flu symptoms and drummer Haley Cramer has been dealing with a pinched nerve in her neck. Injuries and ailments don’t stop Pop Evil from rocking The Mercury with familiar hits “Deal With The Devil,” “Torn To Pieces,” “Last Man Standing,” “Ways To Get High,” and “Be Legendary.”

Now more than half way through their set, Leigh is center stage explaining that Pop Evil going to have more fun with the fans at shows. He continues, “Way back we used to do a lot of covers, and we have already played part of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool and Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger,” so here is a song from the 90’s that we want to have some fun with.” With that, the band launch into a cool cover of Live’s “I Alone.”

“I feel like Hell” Leigh proclaims, “but I haven’t lost my voice yet!” which draws another huge cheer from the crowd as Pop Evil close out their main set with his favorite song from the self-titled album, “When We Were Young” followed by “Foot Steps” and the anthem like “Take it All.”

Pop Evil finish up the night with a three-song encore starting with the oldest song in their catalog, “100 in a 55” from the album Lipstick on the Mirror followed by their hard driving # 1 hit “Waking Lions” and “Trenches” from the Onyx album, closing out a brilliant evening of real, honest to goodness rock and roll.

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Event Date: 10-FEB-2019