It has been one year since launching a concert blog which quickly morphed into a national music magazine.

Sep 10, 2013 was the day National Rock Review was launched. At the time, it was intended to be a concert photography blog site, allowing photographers to feature their work. However, it quickly changed as the staff grew to contributors who wanted to include stories. Artist interviews and reviews of new music releases became a regular feature, alongside more in-depth coverage of concerts. By November of 2013, the blog had become a full-fledged online magazine.

During the course of the year, National Rock Review has hit a series of significant milestones. Our staff has grown to over 40 active contributors, based in 17 major markets across the US, Canada, and UK, publishing nearly 900 articles. In July, we launched two additional sites: National Blues Review and National Country Review. In August of this year, we sponsored a stage at Dirt Fest 2014. We also covered Rockstar Mayhem and the Rockstar UPROAR festivals extensively across multiple cities.

Now, as we move forward into our second year and beyond, we have big plans to continue growing and offering more. Additional genre sites are planned. We are also targeting new markets across North America and the UK, as well as Australia and Japan. Finally, we are working on expanding the amount of original video content we offer while growing our YouTube Channel.

This last year has been phenomenal. The growth of National Rock Review has been far beyond what any of us imagined. This is due to the hard-work of our loyal staff covering shows, reviewing books and music, and doing interviews whenever the opportunity arose. But most of all, it is due to our readers. Thanks to each of you, sharing articles with Facebook friends, retweeting our posts, and just simply spreading word of mouth, we have grown to have around 25,000 regular visitors to our site each month. To this we say thank you, and ask that you keep reading and keep spreading the word.

Now, on to year two and beyond.

The sky is the limit.

Dave Ball
Editor in Chief

About The Author

Dave Ball has spent most of his life in the Detroit West Side area. Music has always been a passion for him, playing in bands on Bass and working as a promoter. He also has experience as a Guitar and Bass tech for notable Detroit acts such as Agent Fury and The Meanies. His current work as a writer and photographer has extended his role as Managing Editor of National Rock Review.

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