Another installment of the art, music, and food street festival captivates Detroiters with performances from Salt N Pepa, Young the Giant, Cheap Trick, Kaleido, and The Guess Who.

Puddle Of Mudd opens their set with a recording of “Follow The Yellow Brick Road” from the Wizard of Oz movie, an amusing choice given the band hails from Kansas City. They continue with fan favorites, songs like “Drift and die” and “Control.” Wes Scantlin engages fans with his usual passion and dedication. Scantlin and Matt Fuller (lead guitar) sit down for an almost unplugged performance for a few songs during their set. Scantlin surprises the crowd appearing in the crowd toward the end of the set singing “She Fuckin’ Hates Me.” Gratitude is all over his face when the fans embrace him. They close with “Blurry” to a rapturous response from fans wanting Puddle to keep playing.

Salt N Pepa takes the stage next.  For their fans, it’s great to see this legend of old-school hip-hop on stage captivating the audience with their songs and experience. This proves to be one of the most entertaining shows to catch at Arts Beats and Eats. They open their show with “Get it, Get it, Don’t Stop,” keeping fans dancing and laughing. Their choreography, comedy skits, and the snippets Spinderella spins captivate the audience, caught up in every little detail of the show. Old classics like “The Charlie Brown,” “The Heavy D Shake,” “The Humpty Dance,” “The Fila,” and “The Roger Rabbit” rekindle memories of school dances and parties in the 90s, but they still remain fresh, sexy for today’s fans.

Young The Giant, from Irvine, California, opens their set with the “Anagram,” “It’s About Time,” and  “Cough Syrup.” The band, dressed to grab everyone attention, demonstrate their talent to keep the audience entranced. Singer Sameer Gadhia worked three microphones, one connected to a keyboard, one with effects, and another clean. The way he sings using each of tho mics while dancing about is most entertaining.

Cheap Trick is up next. The iconic act from the 70s and 80s waste no time struting the stuff, proving to fans the veteran rockers still have what it takes to put on a rock concert.  The festival crowd responds enthusiastically, everyone on their feet for the entire show.

Cheap Trick play the hits such as “Come On, Come On,” “If You Want My Love,” “The Flame,” and “I Want You to Want Me.” The band plays several covers as well, including “The ‘In’ Crowd” by Dobie Gray, “Don’t Be Cruel” from Elvis, “Magical Mystery Tour” from the Beatles, plus two others from Fats Domino and The Velvet Underground. They close their main set with one of their biggest hits, “Dream Police.”

After an initial exit from the stage, Cheap Trick return for an encore to play “Surrender” and “Auf Wiedersehen.” They finish their set appropriately with fan favorite “Goodnight.”

Detroit’s own Kaleido are also on the bill for Arts, Beats & Eats.  Recent success in both the local and national markets has captured fans eager to see Christina Chriss lead her crew in another show. The band hit the stage and rock the crowd with “Unbreakable,” the title track from their 2014 album. Kaliedo’s popularity in Detroit is palpabled. The crowd response was intense, the cheering loud and screams deafening. Chriss struts about the stage wearing her Fox Tail, engaging fans, making eye contact, jumping about. It is obvious the crowd loved Kaleido, the home town heroes this night.

Finally, it is time for The Guess Who. The band play their hits, “Midnight Special,” “Clap For The Wolfman,” and “American Woman,” to name a few. Drummer Garry Peterson takes time to give a history lesson about each song, explaining the background of each song. He gives  a shout out to his native Canada and to the tribes of the first nations saying “Let’s share the land” before following with “Share the Land.” After more than 50 years since forming, The Guess Who are still able to entertain an audience. The end the show a bow thanking everyone in attendence for coming out to enjoy their music.

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