Avatar stops in Pittsburgh on their first headline tour in the states with Gemini Syndrome for an incredible night of music

Kevlar started off the night with little room on stage room due to Avatar and Gemini Syndrome equipment on the stage, but that did not stop them from performing a killer show. Lead singer, Kelci Margret, is known for her hyper onstage performance, and many wondered how she would manage. But, being the real rocker, she found a way.

It is the second show the band has played on this tour after playing in Cleveland on September 11th. Many came to their merch table saying how shocked they were to find out they are still in the local scene. Their EP, The Void, was a big hit at their table as tons of fans ran up after their set to get their hands on a copy. It won’t be much longer till this band becomes a national touring act.

Gemini Syndrome had a huge crowd of their fans last time they played at the Altar Bar and this time it was no different. The roars from the crowd began as soon as the lights went down as GS started with “Pleasure and Pain” to get the ball rolling. The band has been missing in action for awhile as they have been working on their sophomore album. Fans were given a treat by hearing three new songs that will be on that album, including their single “Eternity.”

The fans were pumped and starting moshing during their set. The band’s final song was finished off with “Stardust,” which was one of the top songs from their album, Octane.

The chants of Avatar began at sound check, and the noise lasted until it was time for the band to take the stage. The band came out to “Queen of Blades,” from their self-titled album. It was not released in the States, though most fans seemed to know every word. The band has blown up the past two years supporting their latest album, Hail The Apocalypse.

While fans were active throughout the night, some of the better-known songs such as “Let Us Die,” “Let It Burn,” and “Hail The Apocalypse” brought even those at the back into the pit.

Avatar is one of those bands that never has an off night and gives the fans a fantastic show. This concert will most likely be the last North American Tour for the band as they will go back to record their new album so be on the lookout!

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