Lethal Injection has released the first music video from their upcoming album, Sex Money Power, due out in early spring 2016.

Vocalist Jacob Ryan said the message of the video is to signify that words from the mouth can be equally important as looks, physical attraction, and mental attraction.

“‘Voices’ was written for the purpose of letting loved ones know it’s not just what’s on the outside, or the inside,” said Ryan. “It is remembering the sound, tone, beauty & what people say that is often overlooked by so many.”

While “Voices” is the first music video release, it is the band’s second song released from their upcoming album. The first single, “Strength Through Struggle,” was released back in November of 2015. The track created high levels of anticipation for the release of “Voices” from the groups budding, but loyal fan base.

The band is relatively new, but they hold all components to hit the ground running with their combined talents. Ryan, who was previously a successful, independent rap artist going by the name, “The Raskal.” His most recent recognition comes from most recently winning West Coast Artist of the Year at The UnderGround Music Awards in December of 2015.

Lethal Injektion’s other vocalist Jonathan Russell came to the group with a solid resume as well. Russell is most known for sharing his talent as a vocalist in his own band, Stand With Fists, which played many well-known events such as KnotFest and KFMA’s Fall Ball.

Lethal Injektion first assembled in Tucson, Arizona where Ryan first reached out to Russell about the possibilities of collaboration. A fusion of hardcore but passionate rap combined with the high energy metal tones and rhythms were brought together among two friends. It was there that the two reached out to a local metal band, Within a Dream, to discuss merging their artistry. Guitarists Matti Hoffman, David Gorst, and Lawrence McIntyre, drummer Shawn Shindle, and bassist Alex Parra teamed up with Russell and Ryan to birth this new, yet dynamic rock/rap supergroup.

Lethal Injektion
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