It Lies Within hits The Token Lounge to celebrate their new album, Paramount, along with Harlow, Forsake The Fallen, A War Within, and Without End.

Opening the night was Without End. This band took the stage with a charge of gnarly and dirty riffs mixed with chugging bass lines, a perfect blend of screaming and melodic vocals, and wild drums. Their songs had the crowd excited with bombastic, catchy choruses. This band’s heavy, flying sound was a great start to the night.

Hailing from Lake Orion, Michigan, Without End is Alex Osip (vocals/guitar), Stevie Bertetto (drums), Chris Silence (guitar), and David DeBois (bass).

Next up is A War Within. Their energy is infectious, they start the set at 110% and never letting up. The band’s sound mixes a techno beat with metal. The result is metalcore melded with hard rock, to which the amped up crowd hit their feet.

A War Within makes fun almost as important as their music; they crack jokes and show love to the crowd between songs. They even break into a metal cover of “Larger Than Life” from the Backstreet Boys, where vocalist Maybe ventures through the crowd as he sings, high-fiving anyone he can reach. Their love and energy are evident as fans crowd the stage, rock out, and don their ‘AWW Army’ jerseys.

The group formed in 2014 and had been working hard ever since. Along with their debut album, Sons Of Saturn, they have been busy shooting a new music video. The band released the video for “We Are Legion” on January 07. They also have a new album scheduled for release in April. On top of their new material, A War Within is preparing for the Drop The Gloves Tour starting next month.

The Detroit-based metalcore band lineup includes Spencer Maybe (clean vocals/bass), Armando Casta (dirty vocals/bass), Jereme Stebila (guitar), Angelo Walker (drums), and Nikhil Rao (guitar).

Forsake The Fallen is up next. This band’s fresh and unique guitar-driven metal sets the crowd ablaze. Zak Marzouq’s vocals are the perfect blend to match the intensity of their sound. Each member of the band seems to feed easily off each other’s energies. Guitars sear together seamlessly to form a heavy lead, and the bass’ deep groove is the driving force. The aggressive, crashing drums tie it all together. There’s great rhythmic punching countered by the band’s strong melodic work.

Since forming in 2011, Forsake The Fallen has shared the stage with such bands as Trivium, Lacuna Coil, As They Sleep, Devil Driver, After The Burial, and many more.

This metal four-piece band from Westland, Michigan consists of Zak Marzouq (lead vocals/guitar), Joe Santangelo (guitar/vocals), Jordan Marzouq (bass/vocals), and Corey Maxwell (drums).

Their new album, Broken World, is in stores and online now, available at their website.

Harlow hit the stage like a hurricane, opening with “My Life. My Curse.” This band has an intense sound that grabs your attention immediately. Their studio recordings lack no energy and neither do their live performances.

Vocalist Lauren Weaver is a born frontwoman. Her sultry, soaring vocals are matched only by her enthusiasm and energy on stage. With a driving bass, booming drums, and vibrant, powerful guitar riffs, this band has a strong groove sound that everyone loved. Shelling out original songs like “Two-Faced,” “Venom,” and the new crowd favorite “Shattered,” they had the crowd up on their feet and celebrating.

This band has been hard at work in 2015 and have hit 2016 running. This past June, they released their song “Shattered,” the title track from their upcoming album, along with a music video. They also will release another music video in March 2016. Their new album should be released this spring. Harlow also has two short tours coming up in March and May, as well as playing a few festival dates this summer.

Harlow’s dynamic is electric; they love being on stage together; they love their fans and the fans love them right back. The crowd was packed in to see the band rock their hearts out. Harlow is a group that loves the music and supports their fellow musicians; they were among those cheering loudest for earlier acts. By the time they played their final song, “Trapped and Haunted,” they had made fans out of everyone in the venue.

This hard rock Detroit foursome consists of Lauren Weaver (vocals), Kelly Weaver (bass/vocals), Tomas Lopez (guitar/vocals), and Kevin Razlog (drums).

And finally, with smoke filling the room and an epic techno beat of “Open Your Eyes” swelling, It Lies Within charged the stage, going right into “Ecdysis.” This band’s energy and enthusiasm punches you in the face. Every band member is constantly thrashing and moving; you can give yourself whiplash looking at everyone and headbanging.

The sound of It Lies Within can best be described as epic; they incorporate electronica into their charging metal beat gives adding a melodic element to the heavy, creating a larger than life feel.

The band performs in perfect synchronicity; thrashing and jumping in time with each other. Their show is full of high octane power; each musician launches themselves around the stage to the music. They were practically starting a mosh pit on the stage.

It Lies Within pumped out hits like “You Won’t Bury Me,” “Trust In Yourself,” and “Starscream.” It wasn’t long before the crowd joined in the thrashing.

Their high-energy rhythm set the crowd into a frenzy with crowd favorite “Reap What You Sow” before blowing everyone away with their adrenaline inducing finale, “Thoughts of Nevaeh”.

The Flint, Michigan-based band exploded onto the scene with their highly energetic live performances and positive message. After touring nonstop since 2011, they have built a die-hard and loyal fanbase. It Lies Within has shared the stage with acts like The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, Chiodos, All That Remains, We Came As Romans, Motionless in White, and many more, as well as performing on the main stages of Dirtfest, Rockapalooza, and Bledfest.

The band’s hard work has paid off, with fans all over excitedly anticipating their newest album, Paramount. And it’s no surprise; this band is impressive to say the least. Thundering vocals, gritty guitars, booming bass, and drums like a machine gun; their sound is infectious.

These guys love their fans and are extremely excited about getting their new album Paramount to the masses; each concert-goer at the show received the album for free. Judging from the positive crowd response, the new album should prove to be the next in a fantastic collection of It Lies Within discography.

This five-piece metal band is Zachary Scott (vocals), Matthew Groshart (guitar), Kyle Dameron (guitar), Erik McKay (bass/vocals), and Kamron Mead (drums).

Their new album Paramount is in stores and online now, available at their merch store.

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