The American Death Metal masters and scholars of Egyptology come to the outskirts of Chicago to annihilate the wicked.

Death Metal fans from the greater Chicago area congregated at the Bada Brew in the suburb of Crest Hill, Illinois for a solid lineup of bands at the vanguard of aggressive American music.

Abyssal opened the show. They kicked off the evening boldly with their ability to brutally slam and blast headway through track after track; all the while maintaining the skill to take a moment and add some amazing solos amongst their sonic onslaught.

Then came Everything Must Die; the three-piece Chicago extreme metal outfit who check gravity at the door in exchange for a more free-spirited vibe to their music. Armed with an electric upright bass and the ability to make crowds howl, this group had the pleasure of opening for the headliner just the night before in Milwaukee. The setlist (pictured below) included crowd-pleasers such as, “McClane,” written for the Bruce Willis action character made famous in the Die Hard franchise, as well as the death metal/reggae mashup of “Smoke Weed, Eat People.”

Next to the stage was Eminent Slaughter. The six-man brutal metal group brought an unstoppable roar of brutality to the venue.

Finally, the headlining act took to the stage. Nile, known for their Egyptology-laden music and lyrics and now in their 23rd year of existence, marched forth to lay down the fire. Karl Sanders, the band’s progenitor and mastermind, shredded the night away with his signature ankh around his neck. George Kollias hit the skins of his massive and versatile drum kit with his legendary and world-renowned precision. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Dallas Toler-Wade, added the crushing rhythm and soul-shattering vocals. And newcomer, Brad Parris, picked up the bass for the band, fitting quite well into the mix and providing a fair deal of showmanship.

The one hour set included tracks that spanned Nile’s complete discography. A packed crowd of enthusiastic metalheads cheered and screamed along all the while. It was a rancorous and high-spirited evening with the most barbaric of heavy music.

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