Bringing back the traditional sounds of 90s thrash metal, Savagery plays like the name is defined… uncivilized, fierce, and cruel.

Forming in early 2011, Savagery calls Chicago home and has a sound fulfilling the heart of a true thrash metal enthusiast. A young band in their early twenties, they have plenty of accomplishments tied to the band. The lead singer Braulio Correa  beat cancer before his 22nd birthday, they have an established and loyal fan base, and are currently working on releasing their second EP at the deadline of 2014.

The band consists of vocalist Braulio Correa, guitarist Byron Arriaga, drummer Josue Gutierrez, and bassist Julian Galvan. The band’s lyrics fall in line with a sociopolitical displeasure and into a unique science fiction theme.

Their recent live performance at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago, IL. Courtesy of Skeleton Crew Media

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