Scorpions Revisited, Uli Jon Roth performed a career-spanning set of music at BB Kings in NYC. Also featured Black Knights Rising and Vinnie Moore.Canadian rockers Old James kicked off the night. The audience cheered in approval as the four piece played effortlessly through their 30 minute set. It is only a matter of time before they return to the New York City stage. Their latest self titled EP is available now via Native Records.

Next up was the all-star cast of musicians in Black Knights Rising. Featuring guitarist Craig Goldy (Dio, Giuffria, Rough Cutt), drummer Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell), bassist Elliott Rubinson (Uli Jon Roth, MSG, CEO of Dean Guitars and DDrum), and vocalist John West (Royal Hunt, Artension), started out as a three-piece, was put together in 2013 by Craig Goldy to perform at the NAMM convention.

The band was warmly received as they played an array of classic songs such as Black Sabbath’s “Neon Knights,” along with Deep Purple’s, “Highway Star”, and “Burn”. John West dominated the stage with his powerful vocals; singing with raw emotion  never missing a single note. This was the first set of the evening for Elliot Rubinson. He split duties on bass with Vinnie Moore and Roth.  An excellent musician and a true showman, he connected with the audience instantly as his bass thundered. Brooklyn’s own Vinny Appice delivered a rock solid performance.  Fans cheered  as he launched into a hard-hitting solo. There was a lot of heart and passion in Craig Goldy’s performance as well. He moved very little on stage while he looked down, strumming away, but formed a connection with the crowd as he looked up smiling. His blues inspired guitar solo on “Mistreated” had the audience grooving and singing along.

The festivities continued as legendary guitar hero Vinnie Moore took the stage. Moore’s solo career took off in 1986 with the release of his debut album Mind’s Eye on Mike Varney’s Shrapnel Records. In the past decade, he became Michael Schenker’s replacement in UFO. Recently, he formed  a side project,  Red Zone Rider, alongside drummer Scot Coogan (Lynch Mob, Ace Frehley) and vocalist/bassist Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge, MSG).

Moore delved into his impressive solo catalogue, playing  tracks such as 1991′s “Check It Out!”and fan favorites “The Maze,” “Rain,” and “Hero Without Honor.” His performance was a display of both virtuosity and skill, making guitar playing look easy.   Moore is a technical and proficient guitar player, who has developed a style of his own. He closed the set with “Midnight Rain,” Ridin’ High,” and the crowd favorite “Meltdown.” He left the crowd  wanting more, too bad there was a curfew at the venue.

It has been a year since Uli Jon Roth graced the New York City Stage and his return was met with true excitement. The crowded venue was packed with fans of all ages, who braved the cold winter weather on a Sunday night, eager to see the legendary performer. Most know that Uli Jon Roth replaced Michael Schenker in the Scorpions in the early ‘70s, his career with the band lasted until 1978.  After leaving the Scorpions, Roth went on to have a very successful solo career.

Uli was joined on stage by David Klosinski on guitar, Kofi Baker on drums (son of  Cream drummer Ginger Baker), Alessandro Bertoni on keys, John West on  vocals, and of course Elliott Rubinson. His set combined Roth-era Scorpions classics, with some of his music from his solo career. We even got to hear his take on Hendrix. Roth is sometimes referred to as a hippie-shredder. He performs with his eyes closed, as if he is in a deep spiritual trance through his music.

Some of the stand out songs of the night included  the opener “All Night Long”, the Scorpions concert staple that never found its way onto a studio album, and the audience roared in approval. Fan favorite  “The Sails of Charon” from Roth’s last album with Scorpions, Taken By Force, was next. Roth  performed an encore that paid  tribute to one of his biggest influences, Jimi Hendrix,  playing “All Along The Watchtower” and “Little Wing”.

The fans were captivated by the band’s performance. Had the venue not had a curfew , Uli may have kept playing. With the tour now completed, fans can only hope a second leg will be announced later this year. In the meantime check out  Uli’s new two disc release, Scorpions Revisited,  a selection of his personal favorites from the Scorpions Era.

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