Kaleido takes over the Token Lounge for a night of heavy hometown Detroit rock, joined by Elsie Binx, Core Effect, Yellow Paint, and Greg Blucher.

Greg Blucher starts the night. From Clawson, MI, Blucher has been writing, recording, and performing music since the early 2000’s, performing both solo and in full bands. He released his first full-length album Perception of Life in April of 2017. Accompanied tonight by Pete Singel on drums and Molly Walker on bass, Blucher draws in the crowd with his upbeat and emotive music. The band showcases much of Perception of Life with songs including “Where Were You”, “Missy, Don’t Leave Girl”, “Seventeen”, and more. Walker and Singel bring a powerful edge to Blucher’s raw and heartfelt vocals and guitar. These three musicians are a perfect way to start the hometown night of rock.

Perception of Life is available now on Blucher’s Bandcamp.

Yellow Paint hits the stage next. This young band from Livonia, MI has accomplished a lot since their inception in spring of 2016. They released their first EP Feels Better, and have been busy performing on the local circuit and recording new music. Megan McClanahan and Bailey Jane share vocals and guitar duties, their voices harmonizing perfectly together. Sam Beebe keeps the groove together on bass, and Chris Richmond provides the precise beat on drums. This band brings a youthful, upbeat indie feel to their music that the crowd fed into.

Feels Better is available now on the band’s Bandcamp.

Next came Core Effect. These fierce Detroiters formed in 2004, and have been growing in popularity ever since. They have shared the stage with many national artists including Papa Roach, Seether, Sick Puppies, Pop Evil, Saving Abel, Filter, 10 Years, and Days of the New.

Their music blends an indie rebelliousness with the grit and power of progressive rock. John Keffalo and Randy Riddle’s vocals bounce off each other so well, adding rawness to the overall sound. Athear Najor keeps a sensational beat that has the crowd moving. Joe Keough and Keffalo’s guitars dance as they thrash. All the while, Riddle’s bass thumps in your chest and keeps the beat together.

Their latest album Ethos is available on iTunes.

As the lights dim, Elsie Binx takes the stage before vocalist Erin Accomando charges the stage and the band launches into “Say You Will”. The band play off each other in perfect harmony. They smile and joke amongst each other as well as bantering with the crowd. Accomando makes sure to thank Kaleido for bringing on such talented local acts as well as the crowd for supporting their local music. The band’s positivity and sense of fun is infectious.

Jason Quartuccio’s bass and Jon Neville’s guitar pound the heavy grooves into the boisterous crowd through hits “Held Under”, “Should’ve Known”, “You Can’t” and more. Phil Steuer is dizzying to watch, sprinting and spinning across the stage as he lays blistering guitar riffs.  Julie Spicer adds an otherworldly essence to the music with her keyboard, as she, Cindee Lish and Jen Read provide stunning harmonies to accompany Accomando. The band showcased their new drummer Darin Curtis at the show, and it honestly felt as if he had been playing with them for years. Galloping behind the drums, he is a perfect energizing fit for the dynamic band. Accomando takes command of the crowd as always, her vivacious personality and soaring vocals captivating everyone in the venue.

To round out their set, Elsie Binx treats the Token to a rendition of Whitesnake’s “Still Of The Night”, showcasing each member‘s talents. This band has been rapidly gaining a huge fanbase in the Metro Detroit area, and tonight was an easy indication of why.

As the curtain opens and smoke fills the room, the crowd erupts in cheers as Kaleido stride onto the stage, ending as frontwoman and vocalist Christina Chriss charges to the mike and throws the band into “Die Tryin’” and “Blue Collar Delight” immediately after.

This hometown Detroit band has blown up over the past few years. Named “Best Band in Detroit” by Real Detroit Weekly in both 2013 and 2014, Kaleido has won three Detroit Music Awards – “Outstanding Rock/Pop Group” and “Outstanding Rock Recording” in 2015 and “Outstanding Hard Rock Group” in 2017. They have played Van’s Warped Tour, Rockstar Uproar Festival, Summerfest & CMJ Music Marathon and opened for Aerosmith, Slash,  Rob Zombie, The Offspring, Sammy Hagar, Evanescence, Halestorm, Ace Frehley of Kiss, Twenty One Pilots and more. The Token show is the first stop on their To The Boat And Back 2018 tour. Their latest album, Experience, is growing in popularity, and they are busy recording new music.

Chriss is a hurricane of a frontwoman, sprinting across the stage, leaping off the drum riser, getting up close to the enraptured crowd. She is a ball of energy that never quits, her voice soaring through “Unbreakable”, “Trouble in Paradise”, “The End” and more.  Ronnie Rosolino and Zach Bolling take both ends of the stage, delivering a hard rock assault of powerful guitar riffs. Cody Morales’ bass and Joey Fava’s drums pump the beat straight into your chest as they tear through the set.

Some highlights are the power-fueled “Karma”, the hair-raising ballad of “Jane”, the emotive and mournful “Goodbye”, and the high-octane cover of ACDC’s “Highway to Hell”. The band also treat the crowd to the debut of a new song “Blood”, Chriss clad in a hood, her voice intense and gnarly over the deep chugging beat.

What cannot be denied is this band’s talent and power. They have been pushing forward and growing for years, never letting their fans down, keeping their music and performances always vivid and heart-stopping.

The crowd deafeningly cheer as Kaleido round out the night with their hit “My Rock n’ Roll”. With a huge smile, Chriss thanks the crowd and the Token again before giving the crowd one more song, a newer tune “Sweet Victory”, leaving the crowd hoarse and horns in the air.

Experience is available on multiple platforms, all can be found on their website.

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Event Date: 12-JAN-2018

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