With a Southern-fried, hard rock sound, classic yet modern, the boys from Cincinnati are a blast from the past and their new video proves it.

The Magic Lightnin’ Boys bring a combination of hard rock and blues in “The Ride”. The song will stick in your head, and there is a reason. It is easy to hear the passion behind the music in Casey Gomez’s voice while watching the video for “The Ride.”

Many bands today aren’t focused on that passion, but rather on the fame. The Magic Lightnin’ Boys are not one of those bands. They proudly embrace their music, simply singing about feeling good and having a great time.

One of the best parts about “The Ride” is the intense harmonica solo that gives us a dirty, Southern rock vibe where you can’t help but tap your toes.

In a statement on band website, The Magic Lightnin’ Boys offered their gratitude for the love and support of their fans. They describe the video project and the past year as, “one hell of a ride.”

The Magic Lightnin’ Boys
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