Rosa’s Lounge is the latest (live) album from the Chicago based blues veterans Howard and the White Boys. Rosa’s lounge is deeply rooted in the legendary Chicago blues venues.

“Heat Seeking Missile” is the first track on the album and starts off showcasing the guitar talents of Rocco Calipari and Pete Galanis with Jim Christopulos keeping them in time on the drums. Howard McCullum’s smooth delivery comes in with the occasional growl at just the right times bringing to live what is the blues. There’s a solo early on by Mr. Calipari that demonstrates how skilled he is with the guitar.

“Strung Out On The Blues” really slows things down in the beginning and slowly picks up the tempo without you realizing it in the middle and then slowing down again towards the end. An interesting twist on the life of an addict that is lyrically simple yet instrumentally complex. A lot of the song features the talents of the musicians and Howard seemingly takes a step back and lets the other 3 jam.

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