Halloween comes very early as the Funk/R&B band, Here Come The Mummies comes to northwestern Pennsylvania to perform a free show.

As throughout the day, the chance of rain grew and grew but never ended up happening. No one was happier that it did not rain than opening act Falling Hollywood. The hometown boys from Erie, PA opened at 8 Great Tuesdays in front of probably one of the biggest crowds they have ever played for. As soon as they started, more and more people came up front to the stage to check these guys out.

The infectious, punky brand of Rust Belt folk-rock band caught my attention right away as they kept me upfront the whole show and had many locals dancing and singing along to the lyrics. As I listened to the band, I realized every song they played sounded different in a good way. Bands today seem repetitious in the sound of their music. However, it was obvious these guys loved changing things up and it got one great reaction from the crowd. I would check these guys out whether you are into folk-rock or not, due to their incredible music-making skills!

You could feel the excitement level of fans here to see Here Come The Mummies by driving down the street and seeing people dressed as mummies. I could only imagine what people seeing this spectacle as they drove home from work were thinking.

Finally the waiting ended as the band out of Nashville, Tennessee entered through the crowd in a drum line. The band made it to the stage and started their electric performance bringing fans got out of lawn chairs to dance to famous songs such as ‘Ra Ra Ra’ and ‘It’s On Tonight’. Java Mummy was keeping the fans dancing and laughing at times with his lyrics and fun comedy. What caught the most attention and laughs was the very famous cow belt.

Everyone loves going to a show where you get a two-for-one: a great live concert with plenty of comedy. Kids and families seemed to really enjoy the show, as I was told the place was packed with almost 7,000 strong, the biggest crowd this year for 8 Great Tuesdays. This is a band I would have loved to seen indoors with a killer light show with a box of tissues to dry my eyes from laughing so hard. I like to think of them as a mix of Steel Panther (Comedy) and Mushroomhead (Dressed Up) but much mellower. It’s crazy, I know! If you need a good laugh or want to listen to some awesome music check out Here Come The Mummies on tour!

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