It’s not often a band comprised of teenagers exhibits a stage presence, raw musical talent, and performance that shows a maturity far beyond their years. Red Rising does just that.

At their World Café Show in Philly on Aug 23, 2014, when Red Rising took the stage, there was no doubt that this audience was going to be consumed in melody. The youngest band of the night, they took the show to a new level the minute they hit the stage. It was only a matter of time.

This band has really blossomed since they started performing several years ago even with lineup changes along the way, the core of the musicians have stayed the same.

Watching 16-year-old lead guitarist A.J. Amoroso play, it is easy to imagine this being what it was like to have seen a guitarist like Slash perform in his early teens.

Drummer Jarett Rome, who just turned 14-years-old in May, plays like a seasoned pro. This is not surprising as he has played since he was five years old.

One of his early influences was drumming legend Buddy Rich. Rich has influenced everyone from Neil Peart of Rush to Matt Sorum. It’s no wonder Rome is advanced.

Lead singer Nick Capozzoli is very charismatic and has a great vocal range. He belts out lyrics with the intensity of Dave Grohl and at 17, has the presence of a veteran rocker.

He worked through the band’s acoustic ballad with ease, and transitioned to the heavier rock like a true front man. With his talent and flexibility, Capozzoli could sing everything from mainstream pop to grunge.

Bassist Johnny Siciliano sings backup and is fun to watch. There are a lot of bassists get stuck in the zone when they are playing. By comparison, Siciliano was all over the stage, rallying the crowd and connecting with his audience. The band’s undeniable chemistry was noted throughout their entire set list.

Each member [of Red Rising] had an early love of music. Their dedication in pursuit of their dream is remarkable for their young ages.

Red Rising has received much attention in the Philly/South Jersey area, playing some of the larger and more popular venues in the area, including the TLA in Philly and both World Café Live locations.

They also have the support of famed heavy metal bassist John Moyer (Disturbed/Adrenaline Mob) arranged with a little help from the band’s manager Natalie Grygo.

Through Grygo, Moyer heard them and was so impressed, he came out to the east coast to help produce their three-song EP, United As One, released in May of 2014. As a nod to their talent and maturity, the band writes all their own material, each collectively doing their own part.

The EP is very catchy, laden with great guitar hooks and a great sing-along chorus on the single, “Last Tear.” It sounds like material you hear on rock and mainstream radio these days.

When seeing them off stage, it is clear the camaraderie between them. They are like brothers. No egos here, each member brings something different to the table.

When you read about bands, you do not always think about the sacrifices they and their families have made. It is a long, hard joint effort. But in talking with the band and their parents, they are all in this 100%. Each member had an early love of music. Their dedication in pursuit of their dream is remarkable for their young ages.

When asked about their influences and who their dream opening gig would be, they collectively mentioned bands like Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Silvertide, and Alterbridge … bands they would be a good fit with.

You can hear each of their influences in Red Rising’s style of play. Amoroso is such a fan of Shinedown, he proudly played a blue guitar … as Nick Perri is noted for playing … at the World Café. The band is really looking forward to their upcoming performances … a mix of outdoor venues, cafes, and larger stages.

The guys in Red Rising love meeting the fans and make it a point to repeatedly express their appreciation at all their shows. You get the sense they are well on their way to living the dream. There are some tour dates coming up, which likely involve opening for some popular national acts.

Overall, the show at the World Café was impressive. There were seven bands that played throughout the evening and a lot of people who had never seen them before. They took the stage and the audience had a deer in headlights look about them. They were clearly stunned to see musicians this young with such a rich and professional sound.

Nick’s voice was strong and the band was on fire from their opening song. AJ’s ripping guitar solos amazed even the most jaded of music fans. Their style is hard rock/alternative rock with some metal influence mixed in. Even a touch of blues, thanks to Nick can be heard on some of their songs.

They ripped through a 45-minute set list made up of material from their EP and others which will be part of a full-length album. Red Rising is a band on the rise. Make sure you see their live show … you won’t be disappointed.

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