Pennsylvania rockers Clutch play three dates in the Midwest, including Columbus, before heading south and onto Brazil.

This nicely done outdoor venue was packed with people for the radio station, 99.7 The Blitz, concert in Columbus. The fans were wet from rain and sweaty from the humidity but that did not stop them from rocking. They were hungry for metal and these three bands gave them what they craved.

Bobaflex is well-known for their hard work and the two brother team of Shaun and Marty McCoy who trade guitars and vocals. It is obvious they love doing what they do and have fun on stage doing it. There was plenty of interaction with the crowd and downright amazing music.

All That Remains took the stage next with their brand of metal that embraces ballads, fast songs, and even death metal. They are well versed at pulling off any kind of song they chose. Phil Labontae is outspoken about his varied musical tastes and you can see many influences in his songs. The long set they performed was well received by the crowd at LC Pavilion.

Clutch headlined and the crowd could not have been more ready. Clutch is nothing if not consistent. With the relative same lineup since their inception in 1990, Clutch is tight and together. Lead singer, Neil Fallon, struts around the stage pointing and pumping his fist in the air in a way that demands attention. They are hard driven and well versed at working the crowd and the fans loved it.

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All That Remains:
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